Year 6P

Visit from Blackley Fire Service

Year 6 were very lucky to get a visit this morning from Blackley Fire Service.

They gave them information about how to be safe, responsible and sensible on Bonfire Night.

The children even got to look at the equipment they carry and had a sit in the cab of the engine.

Fireman Sam!

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6P – war medals for animals

6P have been learning about the important roles that animals played in wars – especially WW1.

Some animals were even awarded medals for their service, and one particular medal, The Dickin Medal, was awarded to animals in WW2 for their gallantry and devotion.

Freddie has designed some wonderful medals to award animals who have served in a war.


Outdoor art

6P had a lovely, creative day yesterday.

Using natural materials they could find around school, they created some patterns and art. We looked at the art of Andy Goldsworthy to get ideas.

Some children wrote messages while others created elaborate mandala style patterns.