year 6

Into the forest

The clock had just struck midnight and a raging storm was hovering over Rocco’s house.he kept tossing and turning ,counted sheep and still couldn’t get to sleep. He kept thinking about his dad,who working away in London.

After the storm died down,he set off on a long journey to his ill grandmothers house with some scrumptious cakes too share. It was a long journey full of windy roads ans steep hills ,but he still went.

After a few hundred yards he met a girl who criticised his clothing as awful.Trying to ignore her,he started trod doing along and feeling a bit upset about wat she said.

“Ermm squeezes me but are you interested in buying a cow?”a little asked politely

“sorry I’ve got no money,”he replied . The little boy bowed his head and walked off. Suddenly a shadow glided past him,what was is it……..

Panick-stricken he started running and his grammars house popped out in the distance an he ran as fast lightning and knocked on the door but his grandma didn’t answer………

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In to the forest

“Mmmmm mum this food is so delicious,” Jack said, talking with his mouthful. Rosa, his sister, agreed happily.

When they all had finished their breakfast, Jack’s mum asked him if she would give his grandama some soup. “She’s ill today, you better run over and give her my special homemade soup also she will be happy to see you,”

“Well if you say so mum,” replied Jack grabbing the soup of her and running out of the door.

Jack walked and walked until he saw two signs. One said safe and one said unsafe. ” I’ll go the unsafe way it can’t be that bad, but as he entered that way, he found himself inside a dark forest. This forest was very unusual it had no leaves on the trees and birds weren’t singing sweetly, they were croaking something out of tune.

After walking at least 10 minutes he stopped. He saw a man with a cow just randomly chilling there in the middle of the forest. “Who are you?” Jack questioned, looking confused.

“Well my name is jack and I smell something lovely in that basket of yours,” he declared.

“My name is jack and you can’t have this soup it’s for my grandma,” Jack snapped.

“If you give me the soup I’ll give you my cow,” he responded, but as he carried ontalking Jack ran and ran and ran, until he could see no sign of the man.When he was running Jack bumped into something. It was a cloak. It was getting a bit chilly so he put it on.

Jack trudged on and on until he saw his grandma’s house from the distance.

When he finally arrived at his grandma’s house he gave her the soup and hugged her.

The end

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In to the forest

Later one night, a raging, tragic storm hit Manchester. In a flash thonder shuck the buildings. Terrified  Jack shreaked, “Oh,no. I am so frightened of the thonder.The suddenly Jack woke up and relised  that it was all a dream.

The next day, Jack woke up and went down stairs to have breakfast.He  was so Hungary that he ate every thing on the table and didn’t leave a bite for his poor mother.As a punishment his mum told him to go and give all the muffins that she made to granny through the deserted forest.

After he had got changed he took the basket to his granny’s house.On his way he walked down through the forest to find his way to his granny’s house.

A few minutes later he met a girl how had pony tales,wore a long dress,shoes and red eyes. So he ignored her an walked away. He walked away because he thought she was evil.In a flash I ran away from that ugly girl and kept on finding my granny’s house so I could give her the muffins.

Out of nowhere he found a stripped, red jacket. He wore it because he started to feel a bit chilly and because it started to snow. After he found the jacket he saw a figure…

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Jack and his gramma

Boom crash bang,as a terrible,tragic storm hit Manchester…..”I am petrified help me,” whispered Jack,while covering himself with the bed cover and as the moon shone up on him.

The next day, Jacks mum told him to go to grandma’s house because she was poorly, to give some goodies to her.”Ok” replied Jack and grabbed the basket and cautiously opened the door to not wake up his dad.

“Ohhhhhhh,” said jack “which way should I go”,as he chose the dangerous way into the forest. As Jack was walking, a black figure glided past him “What was that?”Why did I go this way?”As he started to run but the figure was right behind him……


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Into the forest!

One thundery night a storm broke out and Jeff was terrified ,he was gobsmacked when the thunder shook the building.The next morning Jeffs mother sent him to give some food to his poorly grandma.

Wich way should I go?Thought Jeff to himself,so then he went right after 10 minutes of walking he saw a figure in the distance who could it be?

She looked familiar,it was goldilocks.Then she came up to him and started looking him in the eye then Jeff started ignoring her and just ran away from her.

Next Jeff found Jack from jack and the beanstalk.Jack started talking and eventually I ran of.Then Jeff found an red coat hanging on a tree and now he could see his grandmas house .Now it had started snowing so Jeff put the coat on and ran to his grandmas and hugged her.

                                         By Hayan

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The Wormoking!!

The Wormoking: an extremely hard to spot dragon. It is tiny, but threatening with their amazing, excruciatingly hot flames.

Amazingly, it is very minute, worm size dragon. Also, it has a pastel-pink complexion with ruby red, fiery wings. Incredibly, it has amazingly large flames even though it is significantly minute; being about 9-10 inches long- the Wormoking is small because of its habitat (under rocks).

Usually, you would find a Wormoking under large, hidden rocks- where there are extremely hot temperatures. Also, sometimes Wormokings are seen in very hot deserts and into temperatures up to 110`c to give it their colour.

The Wormoking eats extremely hot food: food that will burn the human tongue. E.g. the dragon chilli or a fire kebab as well as hot, burnt food. This helps the dragon spit their incredible, fiery flames. (Food under 90`c can freeze their tongue and they will die).

Amazingly, if the incredible Wormoking hits temperatures under 110`c it is turned into an ice fossil. This is caused by their features which have been adapted to very, very hot temperatures. Ice fossils will not melt until they are at least thousands of years old, then all that will be left of them are their tiny (micro-size) bones.

Unlike usual worms, the Wormoking has an amazing set of miniscule bones which cannot be seen by the human eye. Also, it has organs (so tiny it has to be seen through a very clear microscope) Compared to a normal worm this is a truly amazing creature!


100 Word Challenge week 9

The prompt this week is 5 words. They must all be used in your writing but do not need to be in this order. If you can highlight them in some way so that Team 100 can see them, it would certainly help! They are:

Broken     Green     Swimming     Cat     Lifted

Do make sure if you link a post you visit other writing to leave a supportive comment. Lots of classes have set up links with other schools through 100 Word Challenge!

Here is the link to enter and see other entries.

Remember that entries close every Saturday, so enter before then to make sure your page is published in time.

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Year 6

Year six is going so well for me , even though the exams didn’t go so well I didn’t give up because I knew I have a chance of improving next time. In year six I recently have been enjoying this book called war horse I am excited to see the end of this book . The first time I started year six I was nervous about the exams , but now I  am exited because I know its not the end. Now I only think about things to come , until the end of year six!


Co-op tournament!!!!

Bowker Vale won the Co-op tournament 7 times in a row! The other teams had no chance of beating the undefeated Bowker Vale…


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