year 6

Friday brain teaser

See if you can solve this…

16, 06, 68, 88, ?, 98

What is the ‘?‘?


Maths Countdown numbers challenge!

Hi all!

To stop your maths brains melting in this glorious sunshine, feel free to have a go at this tricky Countdown numbers challenge.

I know there are some competitive year 6 children who will, no doubt, come up with some solutions… can anyone else?

You can use any of these numbers ONCE. You don’t have to use them all. Use any mathematical operation you like.

Your numbers are: 75, 50, 9, 10, 1 and 4.

Your target is: 924

Make sure you post your answers and the method you have used.

Let’s see who can get the closest!


6P enjoyed some fun on European Sports Day!

The rainy day wasn’t going to stop 6P from enjoying some fun, sporty activities.

We played Rollerball Relay in the hall, which was excellent for promoting teamwork, getting hearts pounding and putting big smiles on faces!

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6P Football coaching session with Manchester City F.C.

6P had such a fun session with Connor this morning.

They played Bench Ball, which promoted team work, resilience and ball skills.

Getting hot and sweaty was all part of the fun too and there were smiles all around!

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Year 6 WW1 class assembly

On Thursday, both 6M and 6W showed off their knowledge of WW1 by performing in a class assembly for children, teachers and families.

They told the story of how the Great War began, which countries were involved, what life was like for the soldiers in the trenches and how we remember the war today. This was all shown by acting, singing and poetry reading.

We hope everybody enjoyed watching!





Learning Ambassador Challenge:Reply

One day a confident,villainous super villain zoomed down the road, flying. What was she up to?

HA!HA!HA! SURPRISE! I am that good  bad super villain (in-training). I am about to commit the worst most famous crime in villain ALL HISTORY!!! That will knock my ‘famous’ brother off his feet! Can you BELIEVE he became a SUPERHERO!? 


How DARE he still show his face in front of our family and STILL live by our family name (Roadkill)!? Mother and father took over the WORLD to teach us how to rule and guess who stopped them!? (OF COURSE IT’S MY BROTHER, WHO ELSE!?) 

Anyway, I’m still here to finish mother and father’s plan and finish my brother off. And guess who I play?

You would’ve never guessed but…..

His goody-two shoes sidekick!

By Ivy Roadkill

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My Christmas Holidays!

During my Holidays I didn’t do many things but it was still really fun!

Seeing as I don’t celebrate Christmas, for the first few days I just played on my ipad.

After Christmas we went on lots of shopping adventures. Sometimes to The Fort, sometimes to the Tesco this may not sound fun, but there was always something that made us crack up laughing.

Then days passed and passed the same way shopping and playing every day, until finally it was New Years Eve. I was sooo excited. Me and my sister wanted to stay up until 12 o clock, but my mum didn’t allow this. She said your sister already looks like a panda with dark circles under her eyes we don’t want you to look the same. We pleaded and begged and finally she said ok. So we stayed up and watched the countdown on TV . When it turned 12 o clock fireworks blasted into the sky sizzling and crackling. It made me smile so much, but in the middle of watching the fireworks I fell asleep. I had an amazing dream that night.

The next day (In the middle of watching TV), I remembered it was school on Monday, I sighed and carried watching TV.



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Renewable and non renewable energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is when the energy can be used again and again. The three types of renewable energies are hydro, solar and wind. Solar energy is when solar panels get the heat from the Sun and turn it into electricity, so that’s how we get electricity. Solar energy never runs out because the Sun is heating it all the time. Solar energy gives us 10% of our overall energy. Wind energy is when a wind  turbine is spinning it’s blades and the magnets inside of it spin around too. This is wind energy. Wind energy gives us 40% of our overall power. If there is no Sun or no wind one day then that’s when hydro energy comes in. Hydro energy is when a flowing river or stream goes down a pipe and then a water turbine spins the water around and creates electricity.This gives us 50% of our energy.

Non renewable energy

Most of our electricity comes from power stations that use fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas to make the energy. This is called non renewable energy because you can’t make any more of it and it will eventually run out. Unfortunately, burning fossil fuels produce gases like carbon dioxide and methane which may cause global warming.


Into the forest

Late at night a thunder storm hit Manchester and then jack woke up . He went down stares and stayed up all night .

In the morning when every one was awoke jacks mum told him to go to his granny’s to give her soup because she was ill so then jack set whist shivering

Ahead he saw a forest he went through it because he thought it was the way to his granny’s . He want through…

As soon as he got through he met a strange girl and she screamed

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Into the forest

The clock had just struck midnight and a raging storm was hovering over Rocco’s house.he kept tossing and turning ,counted sheep and still couldn’t get to sleep. He kept thinking about his dad,who working away in London.

After the storm died down,he set off on a long journey to his ill grandmothers house with some scrumptious cakes too share. It was a long journey full of windy roads ans steep hills ,but he still went.

After a few hundred yards he met a girl who criticised his clothing as awful.Trying to ignore her,he started trod doing along and feeling a bit upset about wat she said.

“Ermm squeezes me but are you interested in buying a cow?”a little asked politely

“sorry I’ve got no money,”he replied . The little boy bowed his head and walked off. Suddenly a shadow glided past him,what was is it……..

Panick-stricken he started running and his grammars house popped out in the distance an he ran as fast lightning and knocked on the door but his grandma didn’t answer………

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