Faith’s 2nd SATs Writing | How To Care For A Uniason | Report On A Fictional Creature

How to care for a uniason

  • Uniasons are very magical and mythical creatures, which are a cross between a unicorn, a pegasus and a lion, hence the name uniason. This is an informative report on:
  • * What a uniason looks like
  • * What to feed a uniason
  • * Where a uniason lives
  • * What a uniasons habits are
  • * How to train a uniason
  • * What exercise to give one
  • * How to know when something is wrong

How do I know when i’ve seen one?

Uniasons have a very unique appearance. Their complex colouring consists of nine colours in total. Starting at the head, its long, silky hair is a mix of: hot pink, mint green, cyan and violet. Moving on to the wings, they are many shades of holographic green and blue. Going down to the main body, you can see a variation of light pastel colours, such as pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel green and many more. Going even further down to its hooves, it is visible that they are quite shiny and that is because they are a holographic silver. Lastly, the tail is a lush, grassy shade of green so it can camouflage easily. It also has a cyan horn on top of its head and a heart on the end of its tail, which is used to show emotions.

What do I feed it?

Uniasons are herbivores. This is because they are allergic to all kinds of meat! However, they will fight and kill things if it feels threatened. It is best to feed them:

However, you must never feed them holly leavesbrambles or nettles as they contain toxins that can be fatal to uniasons. It is recommended to feed them two meals per day, each being the size of an A4 sheet of paper. If you were to overfeed a uniason, it would become ill, be violently sick and have a chance of death. You will need to chop the food into small chunks, as uniasons have very small mouths.

Where does it live?

Having originated in the Amazon, the uniason is used to hot temperatures. these hot temperatures range from 18.72 degrees celsius to 80.94 degrees celsius. Any more than 80.94 degrees celsius will cause your uniason to collapse or die from a heat stroke, but any less than 18.72 degrees celsius will cause your uniason to die form hypothermia.

Your uniason need to feel at home as you look after it or it will become very homesick and this can affect it both physically and mentally. To prevent homesickness ; surround your uniason with shrubs and rhododendron bushes, but you shouldn’t surround it with plastic / fake versions as this can cause homesickness and can also irritate skin. Don’t be alarmed if your uniason forms a dome around itself with its tail, this is a natural instinct to protect itself from heat and predators.

What should my uniason be doing?

Your uniason has many different habits from chasing mice to breaking things. One of its habits is building domes with its tail to hide in. This habit can be helpful for protection, heat and training. Another habit is to chase and kill mice. This habit is amazing, but there is one downside, your uniason will not eat the mice because it is a herbivore. Another is flying around. this is due to it being part pegasus. Its final habit is breaking things. This is from its lion instincts of shredding corpses to eat, but due to them being herbivores, they like to break inanimate objects instead.

How do I train it?

There are three ways to train a uniason, each one strengthening a unique quality.

The first method is to hide small, scented objects. This helps increase its ability to find food and know when predators are near. This activity is best recommended at meal times, so you ca hide food, however the uniason must be familiar with the smell so it knows when it has found it. This activity should be noticeably effective after 3-6 weeks of hiding at ever meal.

The second method is attatching














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Faith’s 1st SATs Writing Piece | Lilly Locket’s Little Nightmare | Fictional Narrative

Arooo! Twit twoo, twit twoo!


The spine-chilling howl of the wolves. The echoing hoot of the owls. She was all alone. Surrounded with human like trees – with faces and hands – she was petrified. The creaking sound of the ancient, crumbling well was enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. When the old, no longer shiny bucket had been retrieved by Lilly, there was a flash, as if someone was watching and taking pictures. But what was causing the flash to happen?


Lilly Locket, who was clueless, carried untieing the bucket from the well when everything became silent. This is when Lilly realized something wasn’t right. Clank! Lilly had frozen with fear : dropping the bucket as a result.


The moon had gone, vanished. Its rough, rocky surface was nowhere to be seen. There was nothing left apart from a dusty, mysterious trail in the starless sky. Lilly then screamed inaudibly as she was confronted with a giant , hairless thing. It was grayish, lanky creature with all sorts of torture like weapons, sticking out of its hands. The creature wasn’t even bionic, it was real. It had flesh, it had eyes, it had everything else a regular human has.  It bellowed, “Why is one such little girl at the well of the moon overlord?”


Lilly replied softly, while twiddling her thumbs and staring at her feet anxiously,

“I just wanted some water, where has the moon gone?” The monster gestured at Lilly to follow him.


Lilly, who was paralyzed with fear, approached the creature with cautiously as she began to clamber onto its back. The monster, when Lilly had safely mounted onto its back, thrust her into the air. It was [quite literally]  breath-taking . Lilly zoomed through the starless night to the cloud that was earlier below the moon, before it had suddenly disappeared.


“Welcome to mine, and my friends, humble home!” exclaimed the monster welcomingly.

“This place is amazing!” remarked Lilly.

“We all pose as the moon after the real disappearance back in 1940 on September 3rd. No one knows why this happened but it did. We just wanted to save you all from worry.” stated the creature. Lilly, who was gobsmacked by this discovery, thanked the creature for being considerate and the she was taken on a whistle-stop tour of the cloud.


When the tour was over, Lilly thanked the monster for his consideration again and  asked ”I am truly having a wonderful stay here, but how do I get home?”

“Oh… It’s simple! Follow me!” exclaimed the monster, who during the tour Lilly had found out that its name was Hollow.

The monster ; whose name was Hollow ; lead Lilly to the center of the cloud. In the center there was a pair of sparkling shoes, which were a lovely shade of crimson.

“Here you go.” stated the monster sadly “Just step inside the shoes and think of where you want to go.”

“Before I go, may I ask: when I get back down can I take a bucket of water for my dad’s farm?” The monster kindly granted permission for Lilly to take a bucket of water as he said goodbye to her. Lilly then stepped into the shoes cautiously, she could have wished to be anywhere in the world, but she chose the well.


Seconds later, Lilly was back at the well again and the moon was back. Lilly looked at the uneven surface of the moon and saw a small hand waving from it, but she was no longer afraid…

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