The Wormoking!!

The Wormoking: an extremely hard to spot dragon. It is tiny, but threatening with their amazing, excruciatingly hot flames.

Amazingly, it is very minute, worm size dragon. Also, it has a pastel-pink complexion with ruby red, fiery wings. Incredibly, it has amazingly large flames even though it is significantly minute; being about 9-10 inches long- the Wormoking is small because of its habitat (under rocks).

Usually, you would find a Wormoking under large, hidden rocks- where there are extremely hot temperatures. Also, sometimes Wormokings are seen in very hot deserts and into temperatures up to 110`c to give it their colour.

The Wormoking eats extremely hot food: food that will burn the human tongue. E.g. the dragon chilli or a fire kebab as well as hot, burnt food. This helps the dragon spit their incredible, fiery flames. (Food under 90`c can freeze their tongue and they will die).

Amazingly, if the incredible Wormoking hits temperatures under 110`c it is turned into an ice fossil. This is caused by their features which have been adapted to very, very hot temperatures. Ice fossils will not melt until they are at least thousands of years old, then all that will be left of them are their tiny (micro-size) bones.

Unlike usual worms, the Wormoking has an amazing set of miniscule bones which cannot be seen by the human eye. Also, it has organs (so tiny it has to be seen through a very clear microscope) Compared to a normal worm this is a truly amazing creature!


Thunderos Fighter

Thunderos Fighter is a furious, extremley angry dragon.It is one of the most commen dragons in the world.

The thunderos Fighter has the name because it can smash anything to pieces.Masivley,this dragon is giagantic size. petrifiyingly,Thunderos Fighter has a sharp,pointy horn on his nose which can poison anything at all. His eyes are firey,fierce with red dots.

Thunderos Fighter lives in Burk only miniscule or minuet,but after that (when they are three years old) they go to the tropical ireland of Madagascar (they love hot weather).Where every other Thunderos Fighter goes.They have thick skin to protect them from the bolling,hot sun.

Amazingly,these victorious fighters eat chickens and turkeys which they secretly steal from a farm on beautiful island. They steal the chickens and turkeys at night.

Easily Thunderos Fighters are easy to tran only if they are cared and loved for.If there not cared and loved for they hate there owners and don’t listen.Some of these dragons love animals and some dont.

Thunderos Fighters are amazing animals to train and will risk there lives for you.

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The extract of bowker vale dragonolgy

In year 6a we are currently making a book about Dragons . We made reports on different type of dragons . Here is a extract of my report …..


,”Most snake dragons live in the North Pole and in incredibly cold areas like Antarctica . These species have a thick layer of blubber in which ,helps them to keep warm . Furthermore  they have wings that they rap around themselves and and the wings automatically turn to thermal wings and helps the keep warm. “


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The full time Devil

The full time Devil is extremely dangrous.It is one of the strongest of them all.

They have long thin and extremely sharp fangs.(wich help them to eat and atack dragons).The full time Devil has a red and yellow body wich can camaflage when the sun is shining brightly.The full time devil has extremely sharp  talows wich can stab dragons and help wile cimbing up rocks also trees.The dragon lives beside the lake in the forest.His favriout food  is raw fish because he gets hungry realy quickily.His talents are he can breath fire from his noes eyes and mouth.He also can fly realy high and he can run fast as a cheeter and his attack is like a lion.

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