100 Word Challenge

Joe’s weird noise

“What was that I could feel?”asked Joe as he swirled around the sky with his black,amazingly-long wings trailing behind him “there it is again I better go home and warn everyone! “thougt Joe “this is a mystery,”Just that second Joes wings made  him fall into the lime-green frogs tummy “oh!no!it must have been this disgusting thing making that rackit.Joe just about got out:his wing turned green and was full of goo.Joe got home and told his mum all about it.She laughed as loud my grammar snoring.then he had a nice warm mouse tail and dipped into his hot human blood “ooh that’s the way I like It”

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100 word challenge

“5,4,3,2,1 blast off,” shouted the captain, as the spaceship blasted off. The spaceship landed on cold, freezing, desolate Pluto. The crew explored pluto. Suddenly an alien came out of no where and tapped the captain on his head. The captain questioned himself “What was that I could feel,” The captain turned around and saw the alien behind him. The captin ran and ran and quickly jumped onto Uranus. The crew ran with him and they all jumped into earth. They fell into earth and landed with a bump on the floor. The captain went to his house and started to cry, ” I wanted to explore Pluto peacefully”

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100 word challenge

What was that I could feel?I don’t know but I was going to find out. I told my mum about it but she didn’t listen so I was going to have to do this on my own.So I did and I failed.I regreted it my whole life until I had football in my life.I couldn’t do anything without it.Then one broken leg changed  everything.Couldn’t play football anymore because a footballer fouled me.But I became famous man because I was a great footballer.I won medals and trophys and best of all……Best player in the world.And now im the famouses and happiness man in the world.The happy end.

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100 word challeng

W is for what are you doing at school,

H is for hello do you want to be my friend,

is for apples  are healthy for you to eat,

is for tidy your room please,

is for what do you want to eat for tea tonight,

is for at play time I played skipping with my friends,

is for school is the best of all ,

T is for tast the food I made at school,

H is for have a good time at school darling,

A is for alpha touch is the white bird we use at school

what was that I could feel!!!!

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100 word challenge

Once there lived a boy who longed for adventere ,he thought he was in a fantasy world.But he spoke the truth he was inna fantasy ( world ) people called him a fantasy wonderer.He does’nt mind because he likes it alot he even said “I’m the beSt fantasy there is! So he better get on his way. He went thru the forest in the Amazon he felt  somthing .

What was that he could feel how strange the fantasy wonder for once felt scared or did he so he was so so scared he killed himself!!,!,!

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100 word challenge-week 17

The light was so bright that Monday morning but Tommy woke up in a glomp “Mondays I hate Mondays”!!!Ever since school started after the summer holidays every Monday he would hide under his covers  until school had ended.Then aunt Sandwich and uncle Dogday had a solution to send him into a home for bad boys,when he got out of the home he was very responsible and he wanted to be a footballer then he became a football player for Arsenal after that he was playing a lot of games for them.Later the Champions League started and it was the final then he won.The end. (more…)


100 word challenge week 17

The light was so bright as Sofia opened her curtains and felt the cool winter breeze. “Winter is definitely here,” announced Sofia walking to her bedroom door. The trees in her garden were bare and the icey grass was coverd in frost. After she had here breakfast she got ready for school. “Mum it’s a winter wonderland!” Shouted Sofia as her voice echoed all over her nieberhood. When she reached school she quickly got into class. “Books out class 5 time for guided reading!” Stammerd the class teacher. After school she went home and played in her wintery garden. She  played in the garden every day.


….100 word challenge

…..The light was SO bright as if there was a alien ship just landing on a Helipad. We where so scared S.W.A.T was everywhere armed with anything  you can think of grenades guns , tanks,planes and helicopters.Evrybody attacked the ship but bullets just came back at them and me but someone gave me a ,shield.                      I started shivering because that meant I was also involved but i said I’m just a plain news reporter. But now I was in nvolved in something big I was involved in the BIG world ,suddenly lazer beams startted  I was shivering that I was gonna die but I was not gonna die !!!!!!!!!!!!………                                                 


100 world challenge

one cold day a boy called John woke up out of his fluffy bed and got dressed and went school. He said to his freind the light was so bright I coudnt even stay in the class. Next class the coulful,clean class was good I did like it but the people were to clever after all the classes it was finally home time my mum said ” why did you come late I didn’t mum its 3:00pm . Next day New Years eve school closed it was no school so I went to my friends house and played on the playstaiton4  it was so cool I got the cops on me.

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100 word challenge-17

The light was SO bright that it woke me up,so I changed my clothes and went down stairs. I ate my breakfast and after that I played about 1 or 2 hours with my brother.Then I did my homework oh I forgot to tell you that it was the New Years eve ,so I could have been awake till 1 o’clock in the morning I was so so joyful. When I finished my homework i tided my messy,smelly room. Next I went to my night bours to play and swap cards with them. At 7 to 6 o’clock I went home and played on the computer until 12 o clock and went to sleep.