Greek food tasting afternoon

This week year 2 are creating our own Greek sandwiches, but first we needed to taste which Greek foods we liked! We tried feta cheese, pitta bread, tzatiki, olives and more!

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Iron men

Year 4 have had lots of fun this morning making Iron man models.

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Year 4 Iron man challenge

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Ghyll Head – Day 2 – Jumping into Lake Windermere!!

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Ghyll scrambling

Ghyll scrambling involves an easy climb up a steep, rocky valley. The groups have loved getting an extra shower under a waterfall or taking a quick dip in a plunge pool.

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A lovely day at Ghyll Head

I was lucky enough to join the Ghyll Head group from lunchtime until the end of activities today. The weather was amazing and the children were all so full of life and fun! There was lots of laughter and lots of fun too! I joined Mr deBoer’s and Mr Dean’s group canoeing on the Lake – what an amazing experience! We joined canoes together to stabalise them and went out in 4 teams after a 3 minute lesson on how to canoe! We had to work as a team to get the canoes to where we wanted them to go and then had lots of fun playing ‘fetch the balls’!

It really was a lovely afternoon!


Day one at Ghyll Head!

Day one!


Everyone has arrived at Ghyll Head safely and have thoroughly enjoyed their first day! After a quick lunch and change, each group we’re ready to get started on their first activity. It’s been a jam-packed day with some groups out on Lake Windermere and others taking in some of the sights walking up Gummers How.


The day finished with a delicious tea and a night time trail!


Ready for round two! 



More Ghyll Head

Stunning sunset and guiding each other on the night line.

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Ghyll Head begins

Climbing Gummers How above Lake Windermere. We couldn’t ask for better weather!

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Soda bread


We have been reading the story of The Little Red Hen, we gave the children the experience of making their own bread; they all joined in from the beginning of the process until the end. Unlike the characters in the story all of the Giraffes and Zebras helped out so they all got to eat the bread they had made.

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