Zebra class charter

In the Zebra class we have worked together to decide what we are all going to do to make our classroom a happy and safe place to learn.

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Year 5’s Amazing Greek Day!

Today Year 5 were lucky enough to recieve a visit from Portals To The Past. They lead us through a day of Greek activities including Greek Theatre, an ancient Greek quiz, a tricky maths puzzle and a mini Olympic games!

The children were brilliantly enthusiastic and super keen to share their wealth of knowledge on the ancient Greeks! Here is something new that I learnt from today..

Do you know why a marathon is called a marathon? The Greeks fought the Persians in 490BC in a town called Marathon. The Greeks were expected to lose (as they were outnumbered), but unexpectadly won! The Athenians sent their best runner, Phidippides, back to Athens. He ran from Marathon ot Athens, which is approximatley 26 miles, and said triumphantly “Joy to Athens, we have won the war!” and then died! That is why we call the 26.2 running event a marathon!

The children also showed what wonderful good sports they are by taking part in a singing competition (very common in the ancient Greek Olympics) in which they belted out classics such as Twinkle Twinkle and Baby Shark!

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Accelerated Reader Champions

Congratulations to the following children who are our Accelerated Reader champions this week.

3MT – Aayan and Sarah

3B – Aisha and Yasham

4M – Musa and Zayna

4Ma -Maaz and Hateem

5M – Lewen and Amnay

5S – Corvin and Ismail S

6D – Japnam and Safa

6P – Xavian and Zahra

We have also relaunched our 100% quiz champions competition. If you get 100% on a quiz then your name will be entered into a prize draw at the end of this term.

Good luck and happy reading everyone.

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1S’s Class Charter

1S have come up with their own ideas for our class charter. They have all agreed to it by drawing a self portrait of themselves for it. They came up with some lovely ideas to follow and over the past couple of weeks we have referred to it and upheld everything we have put on it.

Well done Year 1!

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4M Roman roads

Today we enjoyed learning all about how the Romans built roads all across the landscape and how some can still be found today. Then we plotted Roman towns and cities on a UK map. If a place-name has ‘chester’, ‘caster’ or ‘cester’ in it, it’s almost certainly Roman (for example, Gloucester, Doncaster and Manchester). The word ‘chester’ comes from the Latin word ‘castrum’ which means ‘a fort’.

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4M timeline

We’d like to thank the amazing Miss Yarwood for creating our fantastic classroom timeline!

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Giraffe’s Class Charter

Giraffe class created their own class charter thinking about how we can be the best versions of ourselves. We ‘signed’ the charter by drawing a picture of ourselves.

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5M Day and Night Videos

This week, in science, we have been learning all about how we experience day and night on Earth. 5M have researched this natural phenomenon and created short videos to explain why this happens. Below you will find the QR codes for our clips.

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Year 6 football team

The Year 6 footballers were back in action this week after such a long time out. The boys enjoyed the trip to Manchester United’s training ground to play some superb teams in the first ever ‘Player Led’ tournament. Well done team!

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2C Class Charter

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