Forest School: Week 3

This week at Forest School was probably one of the best days of my life! We had so much fun it was unbelievable. Let me go back to the very start of the session…

Mrs Nicholson was telling us what we were doing  for that session We were building up the dead hedge for 15 minutes and then we could have free play for the REST OF THE SESSION! Well, me and some of my friends went down the muddy, icky bank in Narnia. One of my friends saw a puddle and decide to make the puddle even bigger. It took half an hour to make it bigger. We were also sliding down it as well. It was so funny seeing everybody fall onto the mud. Near to the end of the session, we realized we hadn’t had our hot chocolate and biscuit. When we got to the Forest School circle every one else had nearly or finished their hot chocolate and biscuit. Forest School is an amazing lesson and we are so lucky to have these kind of facilities at our school. Also, I would like t say a big thank you to Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Cooke, who have both instructed our class in the previous years, for helping us to be safe in Forest School.

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University Of Manchester Trip!

This is all about my trip to the university of manchester to learn about how to design our marble run. Hope you enjoy!

Science-We learned about variables and how each one is different.We also did a Can-can challenge to see if a liquid filled can or a dog food filled can can roll the furthest.Even though most people thought that the liquid filled can will go the furthest, the dog food filled can went the furthest because the pressure rose since there was more weight inside it.


Maths-We saw which items are 5 pound or less and which were more than 5 pound.Also,we did a challenge to make a 3D christmas decoration,but we could only use the scissors for 15 minutes or we had a (fake) 50p charge.


Computing-We worked on a website called crumble and it is very similiar to scratch but it has loads of others things to use outside of the computer like sparklers and servos.It was incredibly fun!


D.T (Design Technology)-First, we had our lunch since it was 12:30. Then when we started, we had to think about ideas our marble run could be based on. Ours was food, so we had to think extremely carefully. After that, we made up what our marble run will actually be based on, and we decided ours will be based on Bowker Vale.


Literacy-in this section we had to create an advert for our marble run using Imovie. It was very funny since it was based on superheroes.


Hope you enjoyed!

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 There was once a boy called Kyle and he lived in Brighton,who absoulutely loves christmas including snow.In the summer, Kyle tries to make a snowman with mud ;but it never works.Then one December Kyle read the weather forcast and it exactly squealed “All christmas it will be snowing,”.”Click,” the television was off.He shouted out in cheer “YESSSSSSSSS,”. A day before christmas he could wait for anything tommorow ;but he couldn’t wait for snow.In the morning,Kyle woke up and screamed “SNOW”.He got his robe on,his coat on and shoes on.Kyle was excited and amazed by the snow ;so he rush outside.

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Jeff’s Christmas adventure

One chilly day Jeff decided that he wanted to build a snowman with Bob. Jeff walked over to Bob’s house and knocked on the door. “Hi,” greeted Jeff.

“Hi,” replied Bob.

“Do you want to build a snowman?” asked Jeff.

“Only because it’s snowing and this could be the only chance,” said Bob.

“Great,” said Jeff, “We could build it in my backyard.”

The two friend then headed over to Jeff’s backyard.They started to build and shortly after they had finished.

“Great,” thanked Jeff.

“Your welcome,” responded Bob.

At night, Jeff decided to check on snowman, but realised it was moving. He then rushed downstairs only to find himself flying through the sky…





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Last day of swimming

I knew it was the last day of swimming so I was sad because I really enjoy. Firstly, we went to the coach and I sat next to my best friend until we arrived to swimming. When we came in we quickly got changed and went into the swimming bath and said good afternoon to our swimming teacher (she is very kind to us). Some people could stay if they wanted their meters while others decided to play in the water instead. I decided to stay and get my meters. After that I went to the play area with my friends. So we had some floats and we tried laying on them but instead we fell into the water dramatically it was really funny. We love playing around in the water. We watched each other swim in the water. Everyone looked happy swimming. I wish I could stay longer but I knew I had to get out some time. Cant wait until we swim again.

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100 word challenge ( the snowman adventure )

One cold,winter night.A boy called John was ready to go to sleep after building a snowman and a snow dog.After, John was fast asleep, the snowman and the snow dog had come to life.The snowman came quietly into Johns room and gently woke him up.John wanted to play with the snowman ,so John quickly and quietly he put on his shoes,scarf,gloves on and head outside straight away.The snowman picked John up and started to fly all across the town.Finally, they had landed with a big group of snowmen.They had all gathered around St.Nicholas (Santa Claus)and told a Christmas story.

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charlies unexpected experience

It was a cold wintery day, Charlie was watching the snowman and the snow dog, this inspired him to build a snowman like last year, but it was going to be a lot better. He decided to build a snow dog in memory of his dog Felix who died last year. As quickly as he could, the boy managed to build the body without his mum’s help.  Then he spent a long time trying to make the perfect snow dog. It was getting late and his mum called him in. Charlie went inside and heard an unfamiliar sound.

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The Magical Snowman (homework)

One freezing night , there was a boy named , Max.After making his snowman , his mum called him to have some hot chocolate.Once Max had his hot chocolate , he went up in his bed room to go to sleep.Mysteriously , the snowman Max had made (named Bob) in the front garden , had crept up the stairs in his house and opened the door of max’s bed room.Max quickly hid under his bed and started to cry. Suddenly , Bob the snowman asked him if he wanted to go sneak outside in the garden. Max had agreed.Max holded Bob’s hand , then zoomed through the sky.

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100 words challenge

One snowy day, a little boy named Max went outside to play in the snow and decided to build a snowman. So first he done the body then he went to get a hat, and a scarf for his snowman. After he done the snowman, Max had to go inside to eat his lunch he loved it.When he went back outside he saw that the snowman was gone! Max looked all around the garden,but he found him at last, but then max got amazed the snowman was talking “what the snowman just talked” said Max. “lets go on a adventure.

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100 Word Challenge

One snowy day, there was a boy called Pogba. Pogba built a snow man outside. Then he went in after he built it  he saw the snowman moving so he went outside to check on it. Pogba was excited to play with the snowman. When he went outside the snowman said “hello little boy what is your name” he replied “Pogba” Pogba said to the snowman “what is your name” “well i’m happy you asked my name is Frosty” Pogba and Frosty were best friend’s. Then Frosty begun to melt a bit as quick as a flash Pogba ran and got some snow for Frosty



                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS

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