Into the Forest

Our new book, by Anthony Browne, is called Into the Forest, so what better way to start our English unit than by doing just that! We explored Narnia (our forest school site) using our senses.

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Year 1’s First Day!

Year 1 have had a fabulous first day back at school. This morning they found something interesting that had been left on the playground. They decided it was a scene of the ocean covered in plastic pollution. When we came back inside the children were shocked by what they saw and we read our whole school book, ‘The Tale of the Whale’. The children enjoyed the story and came up with lots of ideas and solutions to stop plastic pollution in our oceans. This week we will continue to learn about the story and produce some lovely learning from it.

This afternoon the children enjoyed being in their new classroom, getting stuck in to their learning. It has a great first day, well done Year 1.

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Y1 find a mysterious object!

Year 1 found a mysterious object in the playground on Monday! I wonder where it came from.

The chilldren thought it might be an alien spaceship from the Moon or even Saturn. They thought the alien must be very small because the spaceship is small.

Hopefully we will solve the mystery in our English lessons as we start to read the book ‘Beegu’!

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Year 4 maths knowledge organiser

This half term in maths, we are learning all about place value. Use the knowledge organiser below to support you with your learning.

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Year 4 electricity knowledge organiser

This term in science, we are learning all about electricity. Use the knowledge organiser below to support you with your learning.

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4M tinker time!

Today the children were given an electricity pack consisting of bulbs, wires, batteries and motors. After a discussion about each component, the children were set a task to create a working circuit in their floorbook teams.

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Roald Dahl Day

Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Today at Bowker Vale we are celebrating this fantatsic author and his incredible books. We are going to be finding out all about him and reading some of his famous quotes.

Some classes are even going to be taking part in a quiz to find out how much they already know about his books and the characters that star in them.

How many characters can you name? Can you also name what famous Roald Dahl book they are from too? One of these characters also stars in more than one book.

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4M in the library

This week we were able to enjoy our wonderful library space. The children had a great time sharing their favourite books with friends in such a comfortable environment.

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Y2M Wonder Workers

Year 2M have had a fabulous week, well done to all the children. Congratulations to our class certificate winners this week.

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What makes me who I am?

Over the next few weeks children in Reception will begin a new topic, called ‘What makes me who I am?’

The children will be taking part in many activities to find out about themselves, their emotions, their friends and other people in school, and their families.

During the first few weeks the children will learn a great deal about relationships and how to get along with lots of new people. They will be introduced to activities to develop new skills and have opportunities to play alone, alongside and with other children.

The children will be introduced to books, stories and rhymes. They will be involved in counting activities as well as some of the processes of art and craft. We will be painting pictures of ourselves, our families and our homes. We will sing and learn some simple rhymes.

The children will begin to learn about paying attention and concentrating as well as expressing their own needs and feelings. They will also begin to understand how to take care of themselves and their bodies. Each day will bring opportunities to develop the ability to cope with change.

At home please encourage your child to be as independent as possible, using a knife and fork at the table, getting themselves dressed, and putting their own coat and shoes on. When they come into school in the morning please encourage your child to find their own peg, hang up their coat and come into the classroom on their own.

Please help us to prepare for our topic by sending us a baby photograph of your child.

You could help your child at home by

  • Singing songs and read stories about bodies eg Head, shoulders, knees and toes, If you’re happy and you know it.
  • Read stories to your child
  • Talk to your child about who is in their family
  • Help your child to practise drawing pictures of themselves and their family – including as much detail as possible.
  • Encourage your child to be as independent as possible eg putting on and taking off their own coat and shoes, dressing themselves, zipping up their own coat, feeding themselves using a knife and fork, managing their own toiletting.

We will soon be sending reading books home and putting homework on SEESAW. Please look out for further information about this.

As always, we welcome any support or suggestions which you may have.

Thanks in advance        

The Reception Team

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