4Ma Fruit filled cupcakes

4Ma had lots of fun in the kitchen making fruit filled cupcakes. They showed some excellent culinary skills and I know their families enjoyed eating the cakes!

Here is the recipe if you want to make them over the Christmas break!

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Giraffe class sing Jingle Bells


Zebra class sing and sign Away in a Manger


Writing Magazine- December Edition

The children at Bowker Vale have once again produced some fantastic writing this half term including poems, balanced arguments and adventure stories.

Well done to the writing superstars chosen to have their work published in the December edition of the magazine:

Nursery- Kamali

Zebras- Amaya

Giraffes- Hajrah

1S- Jacob

1M- Minahil

2C- Ayyan Mir

2D- Gemma

2M- Eliana

3B- Saim

3MT- Selvie

4Ma- Faheem

4M- Ajwa

5S- Hamna

5M- Polly

6D- Japnam

6P- Abraham

SSC- Adam


KS 2 Christmas celebration at St Andrew’s

Years 4, 5 and 6 went to St Andrew’s Church in Blackley to take part in a Christmas assembly.

Children from Year 6 told the Christian Christmas story and all the children joined in with some wonderful singing.

The choir performed 3 songs and sounded amazing!

Well done everyone!

Take a look at these videos showing some of the highlights!


3MT’s Marvellous Moving Volcanoes

This week we have been working hard on our D&T project in year3MT. We were learning all about how a cam can be used to create a moving part. .

Here are some photos of us making and some of our final pieces…

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Year 1-The hunt for Stick Man

On Monday Year 1 received a letter from Stick Lady and the Stick Children to say that Stick Man had gone missing again and was last seen near Bowkervale. It was Year 1’s job to go and look for him. First, we created missing posters that described Stick Man so that all the children at Bowker Vale could look too if we didn’t find him. Then, we went on the hunt around the grounds. Finally, we found Stick Man near the office and we were so excited and happy to find him. This week the children will write their own letters with the help from Stick Man.

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Hadrian’s Wall

As a class we made a toilet roll Hadrian’s Wall. We plotted the start and end of the wall and some of the places the wall passes through. On one side of the wall some children represented the Roman army defending the wall. On the other side of the wall the children represented the people on the Scottish side of the wall, who were known as the Picts.

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End of Term 2021

As we approach the end of term, I wanted to recognise that this Christmas, (as last Christmas was) has been different for you again at Bowker Vale. I know you look forward to seeing your children performing, celebrating and singing and enjoying the fun that this season brings. I am sorry that we haven’t been able to open our doors to you again for another year, but I hope that 2022 will bring brighter and safer times.

The children have still had much to enjoy – last week the Pantomime came to school, we had fantastic ukulele and samba performances, Christmas jumper day, Christmas dinner and Year 1 visited the Lowry Theatre. This week children are singing and celebrating the Christmas story in school or going to St Andrew’s Church (Years 4, 5 and 6) for this and we are looking forward to parties on Thursday.

Please be reminded that school finishes early on Friday, at 1.30pm. Please make sure you are here to collect your children early.

I take this opportunity to wish you all well at this special time of year. While I know this continues to be a time of uncertainty, I hope you are all able to enjoy the holiday in a safe and healthy way, and again I hope that 2022 will bring brighter and safer times for us all.

With my good wishes for the festive season and all the best for the New Year,

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Christmas Dinner Day!

Today we enjoyed Christmas Dinner. We made Christmas hats to wear to the hall. All of the children really enjoyed their dinner.

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