Clay War Memorials

Year six have made clay war memorials as part of their history and DT learning.


Year 2 Snow Fun at Forest School


Y6 Maths – Decimals

For the remainder of this half term, we will be focusing on decimals in maths. Please use the knowledge organiser below to support you with your learning.

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Year 4 Scribblers

For the past few weeks Year 4 have been learning how to create a working electrical circuit. We used that knowledge to connect a motor and battery together, attach them both to a paper cup with felt pens stuck onto them and Year 4 had made scribbler bots!

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Roman Pots

We know from the work of archaeologists that the Romans used pottery in everyday life. In our History lesson looked at three different types of Roman pottery Coarse ware, Fine ware and Amphorae. The children designed their own Roman pot and created it using clay. I am sure you can agree, they all look fantastic!

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Onjali Q Rauf visits 5S!

Last week we were lucky enough to have a virtual visit from the amazing author Onjali Q Rauf. Onjali is a best-selling author and is most known for her book The Boy At The Back Of The Class which is written from the perspective of a child refugee.

She told us about what inspired her to become an author and an activist as well as the experiences that inspired her books. A few of the children in 5S and 4Ma have already chosen a Onjali Q Rauf book for their next reading book- enjoy!

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Our ZPD champions for this term!

Over the past few weeks the children have been taking their second Accelerated Reader Star Reader test. They have done amazingly and lots of pupil’s ZPDs have improved. The certificates this week are for pupils who have seen the greatest increase.

3B – Argan and Lena.

3MT – Rayyan and Zuhhad.

4Ma -Areen and Faheem.

4M – Ameera and Musa.

5S – Anabia and Corvin.

5M – Aaminah and Tyla-Leigh.

6D – Kiran, Sumayys, Safa and Mia D.

6P – Xavian and Zayan.

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Year 1S – Science – Blackley Forest Walk

This week Year 1 enjoyed an observational autumn walk through Blackley forest. The purpose of the walk was to observe seasonal change. The children were so excited to spot different aspects of the forest. From the carpet of leaves that covered the floor, empty trees, the different coloured leaves, nuts, seeds, berries, mushrooms on trees, the River Irk and even some ducks on the river. The children enjoyed seeing Bowker Vale from the other side and crossing the bridge. They were super scientist, using magnifying glasses to observe things closely and collecting autumn treasures.

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Our Science visit to Blackley Forest.

IM went to Blackley Forest as part of their Science lesson, to looked at the autumn changes. They saw lots of different coloured leaves on the ground and trees that were bare with no leaves at all! It was nice to go for a walk in our local environment on a lovely, crisp Autumn day.

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5M Kindness Messages

To celebrate World Kindness Day, children in 5M wrote kind messages to others in the class. The messages were read out loud and they made us smile and feel happy.