Year 5’s Amazing Greek Day!

Today Year 5 were lucky enough to recieve a visit from Portals To The Past. They lead us through a day of Greek activities including Greek Theatre, an ancient Greek quiz, a tricky maths puzzle and a mini Olympic games!

The children were brilliantly enthusiastic and super keen to share their wealth of knowledge on the ancient Greeks! Here is something new that I learnt from today..

Do you know why a marathon is called a marathon? The Greeks fought the Persians in 490BC in a town called Marathon. The Greeks were expected to lose (as they were outnumbered), but unexpectadly won! The Athenians sent their best runner, Phidippides, back to Athens. He ran from Marathon ot Athens, which is approximatley 26 miles, and said triumphantly “Joy to Athens, we have won the war!” and then died! That is why we call the 26.2 running event a marathon!

The children also showed what wonderful good sports they are by taking part in a singing competition (very common in the ancient Greek Olympics) in which they belted out classics such as Twinkle Twinkle and Baby Shark!

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