1 M Forest School fun.

Year 1M had their first forest school session at Fox’s Den this week. Here are some photos of the children exploring in the forest and enjoying time with their friends.

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Our Accelerated Reader Champions!

Good morning everyone!

What a superb reading week we have all had. It has been amazing to see so many of you in the library and picking your own books.

Our accelerated reader champions this week are:

3B Argan and Muhammad S

3MT Rayyan and Chelsea

4Ma Elias and Faheem

4M Ilyas and Hannah

5S Reyhan and Umaiza

5M Jana and Razan

6P Cordelia and Hadi

6D Kiran and Marya

Don’t forget to look out for your names on the Accelerated Reader display in the library too.

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Giraffe trip to the Library

Giraffe class had a lovely time exploring the school library. We each chose a book to read and share with our friends.

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1S Alien crash landing

1S have had a visit from Beegu the alien who crashed her spaceship on the Vale Trail!

Beegu has left lots of activities for the children to do and hopefully we can help her find her way home.

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Year 1S -History -Old and new toys

In History this week the children have been learning about old and new toys in our topic titled ‘Who’s toys are more exciting ours or our great grandparents?’
The children enjoyed exploring the toys to see how they worked and what they were made out of.
They were good at identifying which toys were from the past to compare them to modern day toys.

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Geography knowledge organiser

Our geography topic for the Autumn term is all about what makes the Earth rock. This knowledge organiser is great for important ideas and vocabulary. We concentrate on volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Year 3 Maths

Here is the the knowledge organiser for our first unit of maths – place value.

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Year 1 – History Knowledge Organiser

In History this term Year 1 are learning about old and new toys as part of our topic titled, ‘Who’s toys are more exciting, ours or our great grandparents?’ Take a look at the knowledge organiser below to support your child’s learning.

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Year 1 – Maths Knowledge Organisers

This term in year 1 the children are learning about number and place value to 10 and 20. Use the knowledge organisers below to support your child’s learning at home.

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Into the forest…

Today year 3 went into our Narnia forest school area as part of our English lesson. We were thinking carefully about our senses and what we could see, feel, smell and hear. We’re going to use these ideas to help us describe a forest setting tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of us…

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