4Ma Great Science Share

4Ma had lots of fun taking part in ‘The Great Science Share’ yesterday. As part of The Great Science Share, they had the opportunity to join a live lesson and look around a farm, where Farmer Tom and Dr Chips explored the greatness of the humble grass. The children then explored the grass in our school grounds. They used their science enquiry skills to identify and classify different plants they had found.

4Ma really enjoyed the learning about The Digestive System, so we decided to revisit an experiment we conducted during home learning for the Great Science Share. We then generated a ‘wonder’ scientific question to investigate.

We set up our experiment using the full and low sugar Ribena , Coke and Sprite.

We will observe the eggs over the next few days and update you on our results!


The class concluded the sugar free drinks caused more damaged the egg shell, than the full sugar drink. This helped us to see how important it is to brush your teeth twice a day, especially after a sugary drink.

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  1. Mrs Moseley says:

    What a fabulous science enquiry Year 4!

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