The Great Science Share Zebras

The children in the Zebras class have been finding out about floating and sinking. We tested different objects made from a variety of materials to see whether they would float or sink.

First we predicted what would happen and then we watched carefully.

We were surprised that the big heavy block made from wood floated and one of the children said that must be why boats are made of wood! Some children tried to push the block to the botton of the water tray but it kept bobbing up!

Some children expected the shells to float but we noticed that when they filled up with water they sank to the bottom of the water tray.


  1. Mrs Moseley says:

    Wonderful investigating! It looks like you had lots of fun!

  2. Dawood khan says:

    Great work( zebra)

  3. Naila khan says:

    Great work( zebra)

  4. Sumbal Ishtiaq says:

    Nice work

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