4M model village finale

After weeks of planning and designing their mode village, it was time to bring together all of our super creations and make a Bowker Vale village. The Year 4 children worked so well together as a team to design a settlement that anyone would be proud to call home. Well done 4M!

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4M return to the hall!

The children couldn’t wait to get back into the hall, so we ended our fantastic half term with a fun, energetic dance off. Even the adults showed their dancing skills have not gone too rusty!

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4M Normans

Thanks to Mrs Wojcik we’re all ready for the next half term. We’ll be learning all about the Normans, the Battle of Hastings and how they built their castles.

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Well Done 2C!

Well done 2C for all of your hard work this half term! A big thumbs up to our certifcate winners and VIP table.

Enjoy your well deserved break everybody!

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Pyjamarama 6P

6P enjoyed a wonderful day full of stories, seed planting, den building and yummy hot chocolate.

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Pyjamarama Day

The SSC had the pleasure of taking part in Bowker Vale’s Pyjamarama Day.

We were delighted to get involved in such an important fundraising event such as reading and had so much fun sharing and discussing our favourite authors and stories.

As a class, we enjoyed listening to the opening chapter of Clive King’s ‘Stig of the Dump’. Our favourite part of the story was when Barney fell into the chalk pit and was met by a strange looking figure…Stig!

We let our imaginations run wild and used chalk and items from our school playground to create a picture of what we thought Stig might look like.

What do you think?

In the afternoon, we read the wonderful book ‘Bloom’ by Anne Booth.

The book gave us the opportunity to think about all of the things that help us ‘bloom’ and we planted positive plant pots to help other people ‘bloom’ too.

We hope that the rest of the classes at Bowker Vale enjoyed Pyjamarama Day as much as we did!

The SSC Team

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Year 1S loved Pyjamarama Day!

We have had the best day in our pyjamas and no one fell asleep!
We have enjoyed planting seeds, decorating our plant pots and thought about what makes us ‘Bloom’ after reading the lovely story ‘Bloom’.
We have enjoyed relaxing stories, hot chocolate, singing and treasure hunts in the forest.
We have really enjoyed sharing some of our favourite stories and we have appreciated how fantastic just reading and listening to stories is!


Year 5 – Position and Direction

Here’s what we have been covering in Summer 1 (May). Children need to be able to translate a shape, eg, move it four units up and two units right or translate a point on the shape to a coordinate. They need to be able to reflect a shape over a mirror line – can they do it without a mirror then check with one?

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Year 5 – Statistics

Here’s the knowledge organiser for our maths topic for the start of Summer 2 (June). You can help your child at home by looking for charts, tables and graphs in real life and talking about how to use them and what they show.

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Pyjamarama Day – 5B

Art, craft, den building, seed planting and of course lots of reading today at school. Our favourite was making a den based on Clive King’s book, Stig of the Dump.