Y6 Maths – Angles and Shape

Please use the knowledge organiser below to support your maths learning over the coming weeks.

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Year 1 – Tinkering Challenge – Handa’s Surprise

This week the children in year 1 have enjoyed the tinkering challenge. To create Handa’s Journey to her friends house.
Here the girls have used lots of resources to build her house, the path she took and what happened to the fruit in her basket along the way.
They worked as a great team to recreate the story.

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Well Done 2C!

2C have had a super week! Well done to the certificate winners and the VIP table this week!

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PSHE- Self Respect

In PSHE we have been learning the importance of self respect.

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On 13th April Sikhs celebrated the Spring festival of Vaisakhi.

Vaisakhi is the Sikh New Year festival . It is one of the most important dates in the Sikh calendar and marks the start of the Punjabi New Year. It is also a day to celebrate the year when Sikhism was born in 1699.

Find out more about this colourful festival!


Children sometimes make kites at Vaisakhi time. Why do you think Springtime might be good time to fly a kite?

Yera 1 and 2 made some Vaisakhi kites in their RE lessons.

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Year 1 Maths Knowledge Organiser – Measurement

This half term we will be learning about measurements. We will be looking at measuring length and height, weight and capacity.

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Year 1 Science Knowledge Organiser – Plants

During the Summer term we will be learning about plants. We will look at the parts of a plant, parts of a plant that we eat and how plants grow.

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Year 1S – Fruit Kebabs

More children went into the new kitchen today to design and make fruit kebabs.
They were thoughtful and creative with their designs and when they were making their kebabs they were so grown up and skilled.
Well done Year 1 again.

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Living Things and Their Habitats Knowledge Organiser

This half term, we are learning about the Living Things and Their Habitats in our Science lessons. Use the knowledge organiser below to support you with your learning.

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Summer Newsletter

An overview of what we cover this term and ideas for how you can help at home.

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