Amazing Art

Take a look at the artwork that 2C have produced this afternoon. They are amazing!

We have been learning about the mountain gorilla and the children’s artwork is going to go up on our display along with some fantastic fact files that they have also created. I am super impressed!

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1S Enjoying International Day of Dance

When 1S found out it was international day of dance they were ready to show off their moves like dance monkeys!


Happy International Day of Dance

1H enjoyed a brain break today and celebrated International Day of Dance.

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Save the Planet!

In RE Year 3 and 4 have been learning about why and how Holy Books are important in different faiths.

The children learned about what the Bible teaches Christians about the Creation of the World. They talked about about how people from all faiths believe that it is important to look after the World.

The children then produced some amazing posters reminding everyone how and why we need to look after our environment.

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Our Accelerated Reader Champions this week

Good morning everyone!

It has been a great week quizzing on our Accelerated Reader programme. Lots of pupils have earnt lots of points and it has been lovely to bring around certificates again to celebrate their success.

Our champions this week are:

Daniyal and Elias – 3S

Hussein and Layla-Skye – 3KT

Jasmine and Max – 4Ma

Polly and Ayyan R – 4M

Murad and Julia – 5M

Alexandr and Marya – 5B

Jamal and Dinara – 6D

Sabah and Fatou – 6P

Keep up the hard work everyone and don’t forget about our very exciting Summer Term reading competition.

Happy Reading! Mrs Kershaw

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Can you resist temptation?

In RE Year 3 and 4 have been learning about why and how Holy Books are important in different faiths. This week they have been learning about how the Bible can help Christians if they are tempted to do the wrong thing.

The children talked about times when they might have been tempted to do the wrong thing.

Thre children were all given a delicious chocolate biscuit and were told to try and resist the temptation to eat it until the end of the lesson!

I wonder which children managed to resist temptation!

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I am so proud of the team work that the children in 4Ma showed today during our art lesson. We created a NORTH ATLANTIC RIGHT WHALE out of recycled plastic to highlight the impact plastic pollution is having on our oceans.

I am sure you will agree they have done the most fabulous job!!

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1H Forest Schools.

This week 1H have been making nature art in the forest. They have also continued to explore Fox’s Den and enjoyed spending time with their friends.

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Year 2 Science Enquiry

Year 2 have been working scientifically to sort different food groups.

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Year 2 Statistics

Please use the knowledge organiser below to support your maths learning over the coming weeks.

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