1S – Super Skipping

1S had a super time skipping with Kate the Skipping Lady. They have enjoyed putting their new skills into practise this week with their new skipping ropes.

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Year 2M Skipping

Year 2M thoroughly enjoyed their skipping workshop on Wednesday. They had the opportunity to learn lots of new skills and demonstrate their resilience. The children have continued using their new found skills during playtimes. Well done Year 2!

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2C had a fantastic skipping session yesterday! They enjoyed it that much, they have even continued to practise during playtimes. Keep up your resilience and motivation year 2!

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Day 3 Egg Experiment Results

This morning we removed the eggs from the liquids. The Vimto eggs shell had bubbled and changed colour. The orange juice egg had also bubbled, when it dried the shell turned white. The water egg had no change.

Scratch test

The Vimto egg shell was very soft and came away when I wiped it with kitchen towel. The orange juice egg shell was also very soft and was able to be scratched off. The water eggs shell was still really hard and I was not able to scratch any of the shell off.

This experiment highlights the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day to keep them healthy and strong.

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Y6 Maths – Perimeter, Area and Volume

Please use the knowledge organiser below to support you with your learnng in maths over the coming weeks.

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1H Skipping Session

1H had lots of fun this morning with Kate the Skipping Lady. We learnt how to skip and lots of new skills.

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1H have been thinking about how to care for a living thing. In teams, we have planted a bean and will look after it until it grows.

We have also thought about teamwork and working together to look after it.

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Day 2 Egg Experiment Update

There has been lots of change with the eggs. Tomorrow we will be pulling them out of the liquids to compare the changes that have happened.

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3KT’s Skipping Session!

We had a fabulous time learning some new skipping skills and tricks yesterday afternoon. It took a lot of resilience, but we had lots of fun!

Here are some photos of us in action…


How to keep your teeth healthy

We have set up a very exciting EGG-speriment to observe how different drinks affect our teeth. We have placed three eggs in different liquids, Vimto, water and orange juice. Over the next three days we will observe what happens to the shell of the egg.

This afternoon the children have made some posters to help people look after their teeth.

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