Year 1 and the Kindness Crown

Last week in Year 1 we listened to a lovely story about a little Elf called Jinxy, who wasn’t brilliant at making things but the best at being kind. Jinxy was given a kindness crown by the end of the story and it was a lovely ending.
The children talked about what kindness was and we decided that Year 1 was really good at it. We then made our own kindness crown and said each day we will look out for the children being kind to be awarded with the honour of wearing the crown!
Here are some photos of the children who have been awarded the kindness crown so far.
Well done!

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Last VIP For This Year

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Year 1 – Homework – 18.12.2020

Well done Year 1, what a week we have had. We have taken part in and thoroughly enjoyed lots of activities. Like, writing letters to Santa from Stickman, going on a winter walk to look at beautifully decorated trees only to be greeted back in our classrooms to hot chocolate and treats left by the magic Elves. We have enjoyed making Christmas cards, having parties and resting watching a lovely pantomime with popcorn.

We teachers are very proud of all the children in Year 1. You have done some incredible learning in this Autumn term and we would like you to enjoy a well deserved break.

During the holidays we would like you to share all the fun things you are doing. You can draw pictures and write labels/sentences about playing with brothers and sisters, seeing family, receiving and giving presents, enjoying nice food, having nice winter walks outside and many more activities.

You can share these ideas in your red home learning books and you can take photos for us to share with each other when we are back in school in January.

Take care and stay safe and healthy!

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Merry Christmas 3KT

Happy Friday 3KT. It is the last day of Autumn Term and we are incredibly proud of all of you. You have worked hard and showed great resilience when things have been different. Well done!

We are going to start the day with some Christmas themed Just Dance.

Your next task is to write your own Christmas riddles. Below are some examples to help inspire you.

Finally we would like you to do some Christmas singing practise. Below is a link to Santa Claus is coming to town. I wonder if you could put actions to it too?

We hope that you have a fantastic break, spent lots of lovely time with your families and enjoy yourselves. We are really looking forward to seeing you in the new year.

Mrs Kershaw, Mrs Turner and Mrs Rogers.

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3KT’s amazing work.

Well done class 3KT you are all stars and have worked so hard this week. Here is some of the amazing work we have been sent.

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6D’s Quiz Answers

Please find the answers to our Christmas quiz below:

  1. Mariah Carey
  2. True
  3. Coca Cola
  4. His flight was de-sleighed
  5. The Polar Express
  6. A partridge in a pear tree
  7. On a donkey
  8. Rudolph
  9. New Zealand
  10. True
  11. Santa
  12. True

How did you do?

6D would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2021!

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Mmmmm…chocolate apples!

5B have used school’s new kitchen today to make chocolate apples. We melted chocolate the traditional way with a pan, hot water and bowl.

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Jerusalema Dance Performed by Nursery

To end the year with a smile.


Moving Christmas Cards

We investigated simple mechanisms to make moving Christmas cards. It was amazing how simple it was to adapt the designs we were given to create a different movement. For example, a longer lever could make Santa jump higher out of a chimney or a different pivot point could make Rudolf’s legs move further.

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The Winner is……

A huge congratulations to Corvin in 4Ma who was the winner of the kindle in our accelerated reader competition.

We are very proud of ALL of the children from years 3-6 as they have worked really hard and completed lots of quizzes. A huge well done to the following children too for being the points champion in their class.

3S Anah – 19.9 3KT Fae – 34.2

4M Reyhan – 90.2 4Ma Iyad – 23.4

5M Cordelia – 25 5B Marya – 15.3

6P Wilaya – 76.5 6D Amelia – 67.6

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