5M Home Learning Friday

Hi 5M,

Below are three tasks (Maths, English and Science) that need to be completed today and emailed back by 2.30pm this afternoon to class5m@bowkervale.manchester.sch.uk.


Complete the above subtraction calculations. Some can be done mentally and for the others, you will need to use column subtraction. Email the answers to the calculations showing your working out where you have used the column method.

For B1, reply to me giving me your opinion and method.

For B2, your reply to me should show the correction AND an explanation of what they did wrong or forgot.

English– For your English task today, you are going to apply your knowledge of co-ordinating conjunctions.

Write a description of the above image of the planets in our solar system. Use as many co-ordinating conjunctions as you can and ensure your writing it cohesive.  

Science– Use books, the Internet and your knowledge to answer questions about our solar system. Download the document for the questions.

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