4Ma Planting seed balls!

Bowker Vale are now NATURE GUARDIANS!!!

We have signed up to the Back Yard Nature program and pledged to protect our green space and wildlife!

Today 4Ma transformed our planters into a perfect place to plant our seedballs.

From this …

To this…

Well done for all your hard work 4Ma!


  1. mrsayubbvps says:

    Well done 4Ma!

  2. mrshydebvps says:

    Brilliant! What a lot of green fingered guardians you are!:-)

  3. missallely says:

    This sounds so exciting! We will have a look at your hard work when we are back in school and completing the daily mile.

  4. bvpsokeeffe says:

    Well done 4Ma, looks like you all worked really hard!

    Miss O’Keeffe

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