Fantastic Examples of SSC Home Learning

Well done everyone. Here are some great examples of Monday’s activities:


Good Afternoon SSC Class

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining our google meets today and for completing your home learning from this morning. We know that you have had to accept a change to your routine at short notice. The SSC adults are also having to work from home at the moment and we know that it can be really difficult.

This afternoon we have two activities for you to complete.


Please complete the Joe Wicks workout.

If you want something more challenging why don’t you complete one of the Freddie Fit Circuits which we have practised in school?

What do we need in a healthy diet?

This is a video from Oak Academy which will help you understand what you need to help you to be healthy.


This half term we have been working on French greetings and numbers.

Can you find all the words in the wordsearch?

Well done everybody today.

The SSC Team

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Good Morning SSC Class

Good Morning everyone,

We hope that you have all had a good weekend and are ready to get started on another week of learning.


This morning we are having a feel good Monday morning. Watch the videos, how do they make you feel?

What can you do to be kind? How do you show that you are being kind? Miss Allely will be talking about kindness on Wednesday during the upper school assembly and wants to share amazing examples from the SSC Class.

Today we are completing some pupil voice activities. Can you please complete the questionnaire for us?


Classroom group

This week we are planning our Big Write linked to our class book ‘Voices in the Park’. For our Big Write we will be writing a first person description of a journey through a park using a three part structure.

Do you know of any famous parks in Manchester? What about in other cities around the world such as New York and Belfast? Have a look at Central Park in New York and the Botanic Gardens in Belfast.

Activity Room Group

Today you will be thinking about what a statement sentence is.

Challenge: Please write three statement sentences about our class book.


Classroom Group

Do you know your facts for the seven times table? If we were in school today we would have been working independently on our seven times table activities. Before you begin this task, do you know your facts for the seven times table in order?

Activity Room Group


Outdoor Challenges

Nursery children enjoyed exploring their outdoor learning area.

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Fun in the Forest

Nursery children exploring the forest.

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Nursery’s VIP Lunch

Well done to the children chosen to be a VIP at lunchtime this Friday! They sat on a special table and enjoyed their lunch with Mrs Hamid-Butt!

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Our Challenges This Week In Nursery

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Reception homework

Find out some facts about Winter and design a poster. Here is a video to watch to give you a little start.

The username for Espresso is student22040 and the password is espresso

Please send a photo of your homework by Friday 4th December to

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4Ma Planting seed balls!

Bowker Vale are now NATURE GUARDIANS!!!

We have signed up to the Back Yard Nature program and pledged to protect our green space and wildlife!

Today 4Ma transformed our planters into a perfect place to plant our seedballs.

From this …

To this…

Well done for all your hard work 4Ma!


Y2M Wonder Work and VIP

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