Make a minute count.

Below is a list of counting challenges and suggested activities which you will be completing in Year 2. Can you try any of them at home?

Year 2

Counting challenges:

  • count in steps of 2, 3 and 5 from 0, forward and backward
  • count on and back in tens from any number

Try to make counting relate to objects in real life e.g. pairs of socks, fingers in gloves or visualise quantity with spots or patterns.

Suggested activities:  

  • Interactive 100 square -predict and highlight next number in pattern
  • Counting 1p, 10p, 5p and 2p coins, on a 100 square, to give a total. Count similar value coins first and then coins of different value
  • Play ‘read, write, find’ and focus on problem numbers
  • Play ‘Race to…. or Race back to….’ to relate to number words
  • Count groups of objects or images in 10s 5s and 2s e.g. pairs of socks, flocks of sheep, bunches of flowers/pencil
  • Range of activities to generate different starting points to begin counting. Use dice, cards, feely bag e.g. continue to count on in 1s from 18, back from 24 to zero
  • count on in 10s from 30, back from 70
  • count on in 5s from 25, back from 65
  • count on in 2s from 8, back from 40
  • Counting sequences written and oral e.g.


         80, 70, 60, __, __, 30

         __, 19, 17, 15, 13,  __, __

  • Order numbers relating to counting in 1s, 10s, 5s, 2s e.g.

        30, 50, 20, 70, 40, 60

        55, 40, 50, 35, 45, 60

  • Ball catch around the class for different counts
  • Pass the clap around the circle for different counts
  • Loop card counting for different counts
  • Use puppet to help with counting….get the puppet to make mistakes

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