Make a minute count.

Below is a list of counting challenges and activities which you will be completing in Year 5. Can you try any of them at home?

Year 5
Counting challenges:
 count forwards or backwards in steps of powers of 10 for any
given number up to 1 000 000
 count forwards and backwards with positive and negative
whole numbers, including through zero
Suggested activities:
● Paper or interactive number lines –can children predict and highlight
next number in a pattern?
● Play ‘Fizz Buzz’
● Number ladders (visible or hidden) to continue patterns forwards and
backwards in different multiples ….and through zero.
● Count along the temperatures on a thermometer.
● Today the temperature is 4°C. Yesterday it was 7°C lower. What was
the temperature yesterday?
● In Moscow the temperature was -8°C. In Paris the temperature was
12°C warmer. What was the temperature in Paris?
● Count along a number line. What is 6 subtract 9? What is 3 subtract
10? etc.
● Ball catch around the class for different counting patterns/Pass the
clap around the circle for different counting patterns/Loop card
counting for different counting patterns
● Use interactive calculator that has been set up to + number of the
count….can the children predict the next number
● Counting choir- groups of children to count in different patterns
(differentiated) e.g. start with 0 …..first group count in 5s to 20….now
next group continue in 5s (till you reach an appropriate multiple of your
next pattern- e.g. don’t stop at 35 if you want to continue to count in 6s
next!)….. now next group continue in 6s etc.

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