Make a minute count.

Below is a list of counting challenges and activities which your child will be completing this year in school. Can you try any of them at home?

Counting Challenges:
● recite numbers in order to 10
● count up to three or four objects by saying one number name for each
● count up to six objects from a larger group and select the correct numeral
● count an irregular arrangement of up to 10 objects
● say the number that is 1 more than a given number
Suggested Activities:
● Tactile numeral cards e.g. sandpaper / velvet.
● Glitter trays
● Playdough
● Rhymes, stories and songs
● Counting games pack for nursery and reception
● Count out correct number of beads into cups, labelled and introduce 0/zero as an empty set.
● Count objects from a larger group and stop when we have enough.
● Counting round in a circle, listen and you say the next number in the sequence.
● Count correct number of 1p pieces into a container up to 10p.
● Peg numeral cards on a washing line in order, spot the incorrectly placed number up to 10.
● Make number lines to 10 available in all areas.
● Count groups of different objects giving the same total and label them appropriately e.g. 5 cups, 5 stones,5 beads, 5 children.
● Bury small toys and plastic numbers in the sand, can you find 6 dinosaurs and the number 6 and put them together?
● Separate different groups of objects in different ways and know that the total is still the same.
● Count an irregular arrangement of up to 10 objects/images.
● Count forwards and backwards from random numbers within 10.
● Estimation games up to value 10 e.g. How many children are on the carpet? How many balls are in this bag? How many marbles do you think will fit in this cup? Count to check.
● Reveal numeral cards slowly, what number do you think this is going to be and why?
● Count a random amount of objects from in a Feely Bag. Now one more makes……?
● Roll a die, pick up that many pebbles, keep going until you have 10.
● Bury pebbles in the sand, can you find 10 and count them
● Roll adapted dice including numbers up to 10. Pick up that many wrapped sweets.
● Make tally charts, simple mark making for each item in a bag, what is your total?
● Talk about which box of bricks has more in it?
● Which box has 1 more than 5? etc.
● Roll a die. Can you find the number which number is 1 more than this?
● Introduce the 100 square to show where 1-10 comes in the bigger picture.
● Count out a given number of exciting objects and select correct numeral.
● Play 10 lovely things. Each child chooses/is given a number and finds that amount of their favourite lovely items to match (objects or images).


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