Weird and wonderful WW1 facts!

Good afternoon Year 6!

We’re really looking forward to reading your pieces of writing about World War 1 at the end of the week.

I imagine you have found many interesting facts as you’ve been carrying out your research.

I came across a couple of weird and wonderful facts myself which I thought I would share…

  • Many people suffered facial injuries during WW1. As plastic surgery was primitive, artists created copper masks to hide the injuries. The masks were held on by glasses and painted to match each soldier’s skin tone. Some even featured eyelashes made from curled metal. How interesting!
  • Effective gas masks did not exist at the start of the war. The only protection soldiers had against gas attacks was a cloth, often an old sock, soaked in their own urine. Wow!

Can you share any strange facts that you have learned about WW1?


  1. mrshydebvps says:

    An explosion on the battlefield in France was heard in England. Most of World War One was fought in mud and trenches, but a group of miners also dug underground tunnels and detonated mines behind the enemy’s trenches. In Messines Ridge in Belgium, these miners detonated over 900,000lbs of explosives at the same time, destroying the German front line. The explosion was so loud and powerful that it was heard by the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George – 140 miles away in Downing Street.
    Wow! How loud must that have been and terribly frightening.

  2. harbut says:

    Did you know in 1917 there was a flu epidemic which resulted in more deaths than the war itself?
    The year was known as the turnip winter as poor harvest and naval blockades meant turnips were many peoples only source of food.

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