English and maths answers.

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Suffixes go at the end of a word. Can you write down 3 words with the suffix given but remember it has to make sense.

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Self-care Summer

Please take a moment to click on the link and read the booklet which offers a range of self-care activities for you to try over the summer.

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Midweek mayhem!


Good Morning SSC Class

Hello everyone. Wow! We are halfway through the week already. This week we have worked really hard in the SSC and we are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow in our end of year clebration.

Today’s learning:


This morning we will be completing our grammar challenge:

Then we will be learning about prefixes.

Can you choose and use the correct prefix word to complete?

Film time

Today we will be having a treat in the SSC and will be watching ‘How to train your dragon’.

Have a lovey day

The SSC Team

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Gingerbread Man Sliders

Morning Year 1.

Today for Design and Technology we will be creating sliding pictures.

First we would like you to watch the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

Can you draw a scene from the Gingerbread Man story, like the part when the Gingerbread Man is running down the path and the other characters are chasing him.

Now you will need to draw some characters to slide along the setting. Attach them to a lolly stick, straw or piece of card.

Take a look at these instructions.

If you have enjoyed making these moving pictures, have a go at creating another slider picture based on one of your favourite stories.

For example, Jack and the Beanstalk – Jack and the Giant climbing up and down the beanstalk.

Room on the Broom – the broom going ‘WHOOSH’ through the sky.

We really look forward to seeing what you have created Year 1.

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Wonderful Wednesday!

Good morning year 2! After you have read your book this morning, can you practise your times tables? Here is a fun website for you to use… https://www.themathsfactor.com/times-tables-check/#/levels

After that it’s time for a spelling activity. Can you spot and correct the spelling mistakes?

This afternoon it’s time to make a 3D model. Here are some examples…

Have a super day!

Miss Clark & Mrs Moseley

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Emogi mystery

LOL, it’s Wednesday. Time for a SPaG mystery.

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Year 4 Wednesday English

I would like you to start by fixing this e-mail…

Then I want you to use this picture as inspiration to carefully think and write a short paragraph about the adventures of Gerome the Gnome.

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Wonderful Wednesday!

Good morning everyone!

After some reading time we have a grammar challenge for you. Today we would like you to up level this sentence.

We will post our improved sentence at 3pm today alongside the maths answers.

Next for maths you have a Summer code breaker challenge.

Next we would like you to do an A-Z of our school year. Think carefully about everything that we have done and achieved.

After lunch we would like you to get creative. As the Summer holidays are approaching we would like you to make a paper plate sunshine.

Finally to finish the day we have a game of would you rather…..? We love this game as you can have so much fun playing it. Don’t forget to explain why you would rather…..

Have a great day.

Mrs Kershaw and Miss Smith

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