Thursday Maths

Good morning, we continue looking at place value. Today our focus is number patterns. Can you find the pattern and continue a sequence?

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Thursday’s reading and maths answers



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City through the Summer!

Here are few bits and bobs that you can have a go at over the holidays to keep you busy, active and healthy.

Have fun!

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Penultimate puzzle!



Today is a very special day as it is the first Reading Together Day. We would love children and families across the school to take part in a celebration of the magical world of stories and the power of shared reading. You could read a book as a family or read a familiar story to a brother or sister. We would love to know what book you have all read and who you shared it with. Happy reading!

Mrs Kershaw

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Festival mystery

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Year 2 Thursday Activties

Good morning Year 2! Start your day with reading. Then, can you write a thank you letter to someone special? Maybe you would like to write a letter to somebody in your family who has helped you with your home learning? Remember to include all your Year 2 writing targets.

After that, we would like you to write a recount all about your time in Year 2! We would really like to see your writing, so don’t forget to send it to

Finally, can you practise your 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times tables and answer the maths problems below?

Have a great day!


English Daily Challenge

Good morning Year 1,

Today we would like you to read Handa’s Surprise. You can watch a video of it here:

Your challenge is to write another page for the story. If Handa was to carry on her journey, which animal would she come across and what fruit would they take?

Have fun!

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Year 4 Thursday English

Today we are going to start off with a crazy criss cross.

Can you solve the tricky clues below to figure out the words in this crossword? Make sure that you spell your answers correctly to reveal the secret hidden word.

Next, I want you to imagine that you are on the beach and a message in a bottle has washed up on the shore… but it is nonsense!
Your job this summer is to decipher the message. Break the code using the information below. Find the letter from the code word on the top row and swap it for the letter below it. What hidden words are being spelled?

Can you write a paragraph that contains all of the hidden words?

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Time to smile- it’s Thursday!

Good morning,

Are you ready for your penultimate day of home learning?

Spongebob I Am Ready GIFs | Tenor

For your first task we would like you to practice your handwriting. Pick the 5 words that best describe you and then write each one 5 times in your neatest cursive handwriting.

Next we are going to practice some year 3 and 4 tricky spelling words. Pick 5 words that you find tricky and use rainbow words to practice them.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-135.png

For today’s reading task we are going to be answering questions about the text How Thunor Got His Hammer.

For today’s maths challenge we are going to use our subtraction skills to crack the code.

This afternoon we would like you to create your own personal shield. You design your personal shield with your name, your family, your favourite things and your favourite subject. Use pictures and colour to make your coat of arms unique to you.

We hope you have a fabulous Thursday.

Miss Smith and Mrs Kerhsaw

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