Final Monday

This is our last Monday before we finish for the Summer holidays. Please can you share what you have enjoyed the most about BV home learning? Which activity did you enjoy the most? Which activity did you enjoy the least? Can you draw or write about it? Also please share any message that you would like to send to your friends and Teachers in the Early Years.

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  1. Simran’s mum says:

    Nursery teachers
    Simran is missing nursery very much, it’s such a shame because before lockdown she had become more confident around you all and was happy to go school, I have told Simran she will be going to see you soon and she is excited and she said she promises not to be shy anymore. I have explained to Simran that she will be moving into reception with a new teacher which she Is a a little unsure and confused about because she told me her teachers are Mrs Hamid Butt, Miss Pickup and Miss Austen and she needs to stay nursery because she loves being there.
    I really hope with all nursery teachers help Simran settles back into school well and she becomes confident again for reception.
    Thank you all for all the hard work and time spent with my daughter in such a sort time she spent with you all. We look forward to seeing you in September stay safe and well.

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