Changes in September

Thank you again for your support as we plan for a new phase in September.

I have been asked by the Local Authority to support another Crumpsall school, as their Headteacher in September. This means (temporarily) I will become Interim Executive Headteacher of that school and Bowker Vale, and split my time between both. You might not see me as much as usual, but Mrs Griffin (who will temporarily become Head of School at Bowker Vale) and our Senior Leadership Team (- Mrs Bird, Miss Allely, Miss Dunleavy, Mrs Kershaw and Miss Carling) will still be here to support you and your families. 
Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Jacques

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  1. Year 5 parent says:

    Another big change for September Mrs Jacques
    I really hope you going to another school as headteacher is temporarily because I think the last thing Bowker vale needs is losing you.
    I’m sure Mrs Griffin and all the senior teachers will do well to step in your place but not having you in the playground in the morning/afternoon to greet us will not be the same. I remember the headteacher before you came who wasn’t nothing like you , and I can honestly say you have changed and worked very hard to make Bowker Vale an amazing school for our children to attend

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