Can you name the famous historical figure?

Using the clues below, can you work out the which famous face from history is hiding under the question mark?

The answer will be revealed at 2pm tomorrow- good luck historians!


  1. Aiden says:

    Julias caesar

  2. bvmustafa says:

    Julius Ceaser

  3. Muhammad says:

    Julias caesar

  4. Abdullah says:

    Julia’s caler

  5. zoya says:

    Julia Ceasar

  6. bvilham says:

    Julias caesar

  7. Ibrahim Mustafa says:

    Julias ceaser

  8. Daniel says:

    Julias Caesar.

  9. sabahm says:

    Julia’s caesar

  10. Unirida says:

    Julia Caesar

  11. bashir says:

    Julias Caesar

  12. Julia says:

    Julia’s caser

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