September Return Plan

At last, we have received and digested the guidelines from the government and I am now in a position to tell you about how a return to school in September will be organised for you and your children.

Please read the letter containing all of the information you need. You can ask questions via the comments section here.

Thank you again for your continued support.


  1. Heero says:

    Thank you. This sounds very reasonable – it’s a lot to juggle. It in fact sounds so well planned that it’s hard to believe it comes from this government.

    I am wondering whether we find ourselves in a second wave in September anyway. But let’s hope the best. Fae is definitely missing school and is looking forward to meet her friends again.

    Thank you all for the massive amount of work you put into this and the efforts of the last months. It is very appreciated, and we are very grateful.

    1. Mrs Jacques says:

      Thank you for your support. We can’t wait to have all the children back!

  2. Bowker vale parent says:

    I’m happy to hear plans have been put into place for children returning to school in September although I’m I going to find it difficult as I drop off and collect collect 4 children all at different times.
    I’m concerned where do I leave the children in the afternoon once collected them while I pick up a child from reception Will I have to leave them unattended in the playground ? Is this safe as they could wonder off with a friend, or walk out of the gate, what about when it is raining they will be stood outside waiting around , there are many dangers.
    I also think a sandwich is not a appropriate meal for a child every day as I’ll be paying dinner money I would like my child to receive a hot meal as we will be going into autumn it will start getting cold This will help children to focus better in the afternoon. Children should be offered more than tuna or cheese Sandwiches as I know personally my children will not eat that everyday if that was the case they would be on a packed lunch and not school dinners .
    The classroom bubbles are good idea and I’m happy hand washing will be introduced regularly in the classroom.
    I understand that schools and all teachers are working extra hard doing there best to keep children safe as much as they can by following government guidelines.
    It is a different time for everyone everywhere.
    I was also wondering Mrs Jacques you mentioned children will visit their new classroom and teacher in September at the beginning of term but will we be informed on children’s new teachers before the end of this term in July as my children and myself are curious to know who their new teacher will be.
    We are looking forward to seeing everyone in September until then continue to stay safe, alert and well.

    1. Mrs Jacques says:

      Thank you for your comments – I will try to answer your questions here, or ring the school office if you would like to chat it through.
      At the end of the day, children will be brought to meet you at the gate. No children will be left alone. You can wait (social distancing in place) on the top pitch at the start and end of the day.
      The school do not own or run the kitchen, the service is provided by Manchester Fair, so we are led by their guidelines on what we can offer. I will be pushing for a hot meal as soon as possible in the Autumn term – please bear with us!
      Reports will be coming home in the post this week with another letter explaining which new teacher’s the children will be having in their new classrooms.
      Thank you again, I hope this has answered your questions.
      Mrs Jacques

  3. Bowker vale parent says:

    Thank you for your reply Mrs Jacques
    You said children will come to us at the end of the day to the gate and if collecting more than 1 child I can wait on the top field ,but at 3.05 pm I have to collect my child from reception your letter stated 1 parent only, so will I take my other 3 children with me to reception class or do I leave them unattended on the top field ??
    Sorry to be a nuisance with all these questions it’s just I need to know what I will be doing in September.

    1. Mrs Jacques says:

      No problem – they definitely won’t be unattended. We will make it work. A member of staff could perhaps bring your child up to you. There will be plenty of us around at the start of September to support and iron out any issues. Please don’t worry over the Summer.
      Mrs Jacques

  4. Sonia says:

    Hope all is well! I agreed With other parent! I am a parent which shares dropping off and picking up which means I pick up 4 children and it will be at different times I also have 2 very small children who I bring with me when I do the pick up’s? Where would I leave them I would not want to leave them with a stranger! (It would be to them) and go and pick up the other children! With all the parents being on the top pitch how is that distancing? As parents will be waiting for there other children? Would it not be worth looking into send children home by family? This would reduce the parents waiting around?

    1. Mrs Jacques says:

      Thank you for your response. I know it’s a worry, but we need to try the new system before we change it. No children will be left with people they don’t know so don’t worry about that. Only parents waiting for a second/third/fourth child to collect will be allowed in to the grounds (on the top pitch) and will be expected to remain socially distant. I think we just need to try it first, then will take feedback and adapt if necessary.
      Thank you.

      1. Heero Miketta says:

        I’m sure there will be solutions, but one thing confuses me… if there are families with four children in school that are in four different bubbles… doesn’t that render the bubbles useless in terms of potential infection spread?

        The system is surely complicated.

        1. Mrs Jacques says:

          Yes you are right, in that a child can be in their ‘home’ bubble and then a different ‘school’ bubble. It just ensures that if there is an outbreak, we can track and trace who has been in contact with who much quicker by keeping school bubbles seperate.

          1. Heero Miketta says:

            No solution will be perfect. Let’s hope we don’t face many outbreaks and disruptions… what we see from other countries looks a bit like rollercoaster. Anyway, one step at a time, I guess.

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