Wishing everyone a lovely summer.

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Good morning. Last day of the school year – what a strange one it has been! Today we look at strategies to plan and solve problems. Have a go at the introductory skill to see what you already know. Then watch the video this is going to be key to you succeeding when you’re completing the worksheet. Have fun!


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Leavers’ Last Day

We loved seeing you all today.

All of the staff at Bowker Vale would like to wish you well and good luck at your high schools. You truly have been an amazing year group.


It’s the final Friday!

Have a good summer everyone- see you soon!

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Year 1 Happy Holidays

Wow what a different year it has been. We have been really proud of your resilience and enthusiasm this year. You have completed some amazing learning both in school and at home. You are all stars.

Today we would like to you to think about your top 5 activities or achievements during this year. It could be that you have learnt to ride a bike, grown a plant or improved with your reading or writing. Maybe you have had some memorable family times like camping in the garden, discovering places in your local area, baking with your family, some family movie nights or a lock down birthday.

Then I would like you to have an end of year party with your family. Play some games, have a dancing competition and enjoy the summer holidays. We look forward to seeing you all in September.

Take care and stay safe

The Year 1 Team.

Mrs Turner, Mrs Stubbs, Miss Holt, Miss Dobson, Miss Pennington and Miss Wojcik

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Year 2M Final Friday!

Wow! Can you believe it Mighty 2M it is the last Friday before you finish for the summer holidays. It has been a very strange end to our academic year, but you have all been amazing and we are proud of each and every one of you! We have lots of fantastic memories of our time in Year 2 and today is a day to celebrate how much you have achieved this academic year, so stay safe, enjoy your summer holidays and I will see you all soon!

Mrs Moseley and Miss Stringer

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Toy Day!

Well done everyone – you’ve made it through a strange ‘school’ year. If you only do two things this summer, just read and stay safe.

Today would usually be that day where the adults dodge children and their myriad toys as they do a final tidy up and sort out for the year. Here is a clip with some DIY toy ideas – make sure you clean up.

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Year 2C Final Friday!

Good morning 2C! Can you believe it is your last day of year 2? The year may not have turned out the way that we had planned, but you have all been amazing. Well done for all of your hard work, in school and at home. You should all be proud of yourselves. I know that I am proud of each and every one of you. Thank you for being great!

Have a lovely summer, have fun and stay safe.

Miss Clark


Year 4 Friday English

Good morning everyone! Today is our last day of online learning and I can’t believe it! I’m very proud of you all and I’m looking forward to seeing you in September. I want you all to have a great holiday, but don’t forget you can still do a bit of learning here and there (a little bit!) You could practice your times tables, start a diary or read a few pages of a book every night.

All of these people have arrived at the hotel lost property office to find something they have lost. Can you solve the clues to match the item to its owner? Write the owner’s name with a possessive apostrophe on each tag.

Then I want you to look at the pictures on the front of these postcards and write a sentence about what is happening using a fronted adverbial.

If you need to, use the bank of fronted adverbials below to help you.

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Happy holidays!

Good morning everyone! Can you believe that it is the last day of term! It has been a very, very different year, but you have all been fantastic. We are so proud of each and every one of you. Today is our last day of online learning, but don’t forget that over the holidays we would still like you to do some little bits of learning. You could practice your times tables in the car, write about a day out that you have had, read a few pages of a chapter book every night before you go to sleep or do some online research about something of interest.

We start off the day with some yoga. Why not try carrying on with your morning yoga sessions during the holidays.

After yoga we have a fun maths challenge for you.

After maths we would like you to create a Summer acrostic poem. If you aren’t sure what an acrostic poem is then check out the website below.

After lunch it is officially the holidays, so put your feet up, relax, go for a walk, play some sport, dance around the living room, do whatever will make you smile and feel happy.

Thanks again for being such super stars and we look forward to seeing you all in September.

Mrs Kershaw and Miss Smith

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