Good Morning SSC Class

Hello everyone, we hope that you had a good start to your week yesterday.

We have been sent in some brilliant examples of home learning. Well done William!

William we are really impressed with how hard you are working and we hope that you are very proud of yourself. We can’t wait for you to share your home learning with us in person.

We had another very busy Monday yesterday. After reading the book ‘All My Treasures’ by Jo Witek we made our own treasure. What do you think of our creations?

Today’s learning:


Can you write your spellings using rainbow writing: straight, address, often, height and increase.

Challenge: Can you choose one of the words to write in a sentence? Can you make your sentence into a question sentence? Can you punctuate your sentence correctly?

Fine Motor skills

Click on the link below to go to the teach handwriting website which we use in school.

After we have completed our handwriting activity we will be practising using a hole puncher to make little dots to glue and stick. If you have a hole puncher at home you could practice using it or use scissors to cut out dots. Make sure you check with a grown up first.


This week we will be continuing with our engineering skills and will be making a football table using boxes and other equipment we have in the SSC. These are the instructions we will be following in school:

Have a great day

The SSC Team

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Summer Reading Challenge

As usual Read Manchester are getting ready to launch their Summer Reading challenge. It will be a little different this year, but there are still lots of ways that you can get involved.

Their website is fantastic and has lots of fun online resources for children. You can borrow online stories, listen to free storytelling sessions, find out what books other children have been reading, enter competitions and play online games.

The library also has an online YouTube channel where you can listen to stories and get some great craft ideas.

Finally Manchester Libraries have launched their 2020 Summer Reading Challenge, which is called the ‘Silly Squad.’

Why not get involved and get reading this Summer!

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Fluffy Slime

This afternoon why don’t you try and make some fluffy slime. Have fun!!!

You will need:

  • 4 ounces (113 g) glue
  • 4 ounces (113 g) warm water
  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Laundry detergent
Pour the glue into a bowl
Combine the warm water with the glue. Don’t add too much water or it’ll be very runny
Add in your food colouring and mix thoroughly. 
Add in the shaving cream and mix thoroughly. When it’s fully combined in, the texture should resemble marshmallow cream.
Add in the liquid laundry detergent. Don’t add it all at once – you risk your slime hardening.
Knead your slime. Once the slime has become too solid to stir, use your hands to start kneading it to make it less sticky
Play with your slime! Store it in an airtight container.

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The Book of Hopes.

Tuesday brings a reading activity related to this online book.

I read a poem called The Demon Goalkeeper and really enjoyed the message behind it. What will you read? Tell us what you read and what the message was.

BOOK OF HOPES – Peter Bunzl

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Early Years Tuesday tasks

Good morning everyone!

This morning we would like you to play the game ‘I went to school’. Its just like the game you played last week ‘I went to the park’ and a few weeks ago ‘I went to the market’ except this time you have to remember all the things you might do at school! You can take a look at Miss Jones’s video from last week to remind you of how to play!

Caption writing

Can you use your phonics to write a caption to match these pictures?

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Viking Helmets

This week, in history, year six are making Viking helmets. What can you find out about them?

Read the information and then have a go at making your own Viking helmet.

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Science Fun For Everyone

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Daily Challenge

Good morning Year 1!

We are going to carry on with the Monkey Puzzle theme today.

We would like you to use the Chester Zoo website to explore and research the different animals from the story.

Chester Zoo website

You can catch up on their virtual zoo days, take a quiz to find out which animal you are or complete one of their home learning activities.

Choose an animal to learn about and complete a fact file. You can use this one from Chester Zoo or create your own.

Have fun!

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Hope, fake news and flags

Lots of stories to choose from in The Book of Hopes today

Can you tell fact from fiction? Check out the ‘Looking for fake news’ section here:



Follow these instructions and adapt to make the Brazilian flag wave.

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Tuesday Maths

Today we are looking at line graphs. Take a look at the example below.

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