Friday finisher!

Answer after the hols but there’s a clue with THE BELLS VIDEO!


  1. amebrz says:

    3 blind mice?

  2. frecha says:

    3 blind mice

    1. frecha says:

      It’s Alice I think it’s 3 blind miss
      hope your said

  3. Abdullah says:

    3 blind mice

  4. Mrs Ashcroft says:

    I’ll let some more have a go and tell you later! 🙂

  5. bvayah says:

    3 blind mice!

  6. sabahm says:

    3 blind mice

  7. Mrs Ashcroft says:

    Did you use the bells to help you?

  8. Serene Naser says:

    3 blind mice??

  9. Rafay says:

    3 blind mice

  10. Mrs Ashcroft says:

    Great everyone who said 3 blind mice- you are correct!!
    Well done!

  11. Unirida says:

    3 blind mice

  12. maaahm says:

    3 blind mice

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