A Message to All Our Children….from us to you x



  1. Sarah Fallon says:

    Fantastic video!
    It made us smile.
    Thank you so much! Stay safe.

  2. The Green family says:

    Wow, how beautiful and emotional, just wonderful of you all thank you. Huge congratulations Mrs Maskery x

  3. Matisse says:


  4. Mia and Jacob Crompton says:

    Mia and Jacob Crompton miss everyone ❤ stay safe and see you soon

  5. Miss Dunleavy says:

    How lovely. I’m crying now… miss you all (children and staff).

  6. Frecha says:

    That’s lovely!!!!! Kids loved I loved it brought tears to my eyes xxxx how lucky we are to have such amazing teachers !!!
    Thank you for the ideas and support you have been sending out
    Hopefully see you all soon Victoria Chauhan

  7. Aiden says:

    That was brilliant!!!

  8. Mickala says:

    Sky and Boe said they miss you all so much too, they loved your video and it really made us all smile, thank you for all the hard work each and every one of you are doing, honestly with out all your help on the school blog I would have no idea what to do each day, sending all our love to everyone and lots of hugs too! From Micky, Ash, Sky (year6D) & Boe (reception zebras) x

  9. Samuel Vogan-Fox says:

    How lovely. That made us all smile.

  10. aderei says:

    Oh my gosh! This is the most wonderful video I have ever watched!
    (My mum was in tears when we watched it!)

    I miss you all so much!
    Stay safe everyone!

  11. Safa says:

    I can’t wait until I come back to school again . I’m missing all the teachers and my classmates.

  12. natalie smith says:

    How amazing, very emotional to watch for both parent and children. Zak and Mya miss their teachers and friends. xxx

    1. mrshydebvps says:

      We miss you guys too. Keep up the great work going on at home!

  13. Harpreet, Simran and Mya says:

    Thank you Bowker vale for posting the amazing video of all staff, caretakers and Buddy it was lovely to see you all. It put a huge smile on our faces. We miss school and our friends and can’t wait to be back soon.

  14. DogarL says:

    This is absolutely brilliant!!!
    Thank you for taking the time to make this video, we stay safe and stay at home.

  15. Miss Jones says:

    I’m in bits and pieces! So lovely!
    Miss you all, love Miss Jones x

  16. Lisa Armitage says:

    What a lovely video. Ella Rose loved seeing all her teachers. Stay safe and see you all soon xx

  17. missmansfieldbvps says:

    Miss you all so much! Miss Mansfield x 🙂

  18. Asiya Hussain says:

    This is amazing well done to all the teachers and staff at Bowker Vale for putting this together! ❤️

  19. missgrogan says:

    Such a lovely message to all of our families. Miss you all x

  20. Lisa mcnab says:

    Such a lovely video… made gemma have a big smile watching it xx

    1. Saika says:

      This was lovely . We miss you all. From Hamzah year 1

  21. mrshydebvps says:

    A lovely heartfelt message from us to you.xx

    1. Amy says:

      Connor absolutely loved this ❤ so nice to see you are all doing well! Take care and stay safe Connor and family xx

  22. Tania(Eliana Jones mum) says:

    Awww that’s soo beautiful, made me cry and Eliana Jones(Zebras) has a big smile on her face now Well done & hope your all staying safe and well xxxx

  23. Miss Telissa Simpson says:

    Lovely, Phoebe got so happy seeing her nursery teachers. Thankyou.

  24. Amelia k 5h says:

    Oh wow i love this video !! Thankyou to all the teachers for helping us children . We miss you .

    1. mrshydebvps says:

      We miss you guys too! x

  25. Mrs Pendleton says:

    Missing you all. Cannot wait to see all of our lovely Bowker Vale staff, children and families again.

  26. missstringerbvps says:

    Thank you to our amazing families for all of your wonderful message. We miss you all x

  27. Miss Cookson says:

    That’s fantastic x

  28. Ayyan Rauf says:

    Love it

  29. Zoe says:

    Wow! So emotional and lovely!!!! Thank you! Xxx

  30. msdobsonbvps says:

    Missing all Bowker Vale children and families

  31. Talwar says:

    Wow that’s nice to see all the teachers and buddy

  32. Charlie and Jack says:

    What an amazing video. We miss everyone and are looking forward to seeing you all soon. Stay safe xx

  33. Tasleema Tajammul says:

    Thanks very much to all the respected teachers and staff at Bowker vale.it was lovely video zuhhad was so excited and emotional at the same time.how lucky we are to have school like Bowker vale.

  34. Ariana and family says:

    Such a lovely message, made mummy emotional! Love to you all, stay safe. Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude to all you’ve done and are doing x

  35. Mr Dean says:

    Take care everyone. We are really looking forward to seeing you all soon.

  36. Sofia 5H says:

    I miss you all so much the video almost made me cry I just want to see all my teachers and classmates.

    1. mrshydebvps says:

      We miss you guys too!x

  37. Pamela Houghton says:

    Stay safe see you soon miss you all Tiarna Haughton x

  38. Polly Platt-Webb says:

    Thank you for that wonderful happy video. It was good to see all your faces

  39. Zaynab Rathore says:

    Zaynab says this video made me feel happy and nice to see teachers and their drawings

  40. Zoya Rathore says:

    It is very nice to see everyone again

  41. bvali says:

    Great video it reminds of being at school.

  42. Zoe Dooley says:

    Sam Dooley says…
    ‘Thank you so much, I nearly burst crying! Please give Buddy some belly scratches and Chester the Bunny some banana from me. It was very nice to see you all; I miss you and my friends, but I will see you all soon.’

    Thank you for taking time out to make this video, I’m not crying, you are! X

  43. Alison grange says:

    Thank you to u all Chloe really misses being at school seeing her friends and all of you xx take care and stay safe

  44. maaahm says:

    That’s very nice Stay safe

  45. Jason Green says:

    Fantastic so inspirational xx

  46. Raheem shah says:

    great video Raheem and Malihah miss everybody

  47. Areesha and Safa Tanauli says:

    Amazing video! It put a big smile on our faces. Great to see the happy teachers and thank you for the lovely message. We miss you and cant wait to see our teachers and classmates x.

  48. bvpsmrsabutt says:

    Missing all the children and staff of Bowker Vale. Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon.

  49. bvilham says:

    I enjoyed every bit of the video it made me smile
    I miss you All
    Stay safe
    This video made my day…….THANK YOU!

  50. Zahra Hussain says:

    Its so wonderful just amazing kids loved it.
    Thanks all the teachers and staff.
    Stay safe

  51. harbut says:

    This is brilliant. Hopefully see you all soon.

  52. bvsameer says:


  53. misshamerbvps says:

    Missing all the staff, children and families. Take care and hopefully see you all soon.

  54. Mrs Griffin says:

    Wow – what a lot of comments everyone! I’m so glad it put a smile on some faces, or even brought a tear to some eyes – just like all of your lovely comments have to mine. Stay safe x

  55. Tyla-leigh says:

    Awwww this is so thoughtful it’s made my day cant wait till see you all from tyla-leigh Lannigan Stay safe I’m proud of you all at bowker vale xxxx

    1. Umaiza iqbal and shayan says:

      Lovely to see you all, I love the video I miss you all ❤️

  56. Fae's dad says:

    Thank you so much, this hit the spot for Fae. 🙂

  57. Mrs Nicholson says:

    Love and best wishes to our Bowker Vale Family (staff and children.) I miss you all so much. Take care and stay safe. xx

  58. Ajwa khan says:

    Wow, how beautiful and emotional, just wonderful of you all thank you

  59. Ajwa's mum says:

    Wowwww how beautiful and emotional. Thank you so much ajwa is missing all of you. Stay safe

  60. Adelina Hasanaj says:

    Amazing!!.. Adelina kept watching the video over and over so she can see Miss Mottershead, Ms Grogan and Ms Jonas again! 🙂 thank youuuuu!!

  61. bvpsmrsbernstein says:

    Gosh what beautiful comments. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss everyone. My thoughts are with each and every one of you. Stay safe .
    Much love to you ALL.
    Mrs “B.” Xx

  62. Mrs Thelwell says:

    Missing all the children and staff so much. Take care everyone and stay safe x

  63. Jamila Taylor says:

    Lovely video. The children really enjoyed it. Faridah keeps getting me to play it. Thank you!

  64. Jamal says:

    Love the vid

  65. Janie Robinson says:

    Just brilliant 🙂
    Take care, be safe, and see you all soon 🙂

  66. Janie Robinson says:

    Brilliant 🙂
    Take care, be safe, and see you all soon 🙂

  67. Bentleys Mum says:

    Such a beautiful and touching video, Bentley was smiling all the way through and reading your message out loud. Hope everyone is well and keeping safe xx

  68. Keyaan Butts Mummy says:

    Amazing video, made mummy very emotional. Keyaan couldn’t stop smiling watching the video. Keyaan sends big hugs to all his teachers x stay safe and see you all soon x

  69. Jo Heald says:

    So lovely to hear from all the families. Miss all my families and children that I work with and the BV staff.
    Mrs Heald x

  70. Miss Carling says:

    It’s been so lovely to read all of your messages. I can’t decide whether it’s the video or your messages making these tears appear in my eyes! Missing all of our wonderful children and families so much. Looking forward to when our Bowker Vale family can see each other in person again. Big thanks to Miss Stringer for organising and putting this together for us. X

  71. Ramiekel G says:

    I miss school so so much and can’t wait to see all of my friends and teachers.

  72. Lacey C says:

    I absolutely love that video, I am missing all of my friends so much! Can’t wait to come back to school Xxx❤️❤️❤️

  73. mrsmottershead says:

    I can’t stop watching this video, it is so emotional. I can’t wait to be back at school to see all of your lovely faces.

    Mrs Mottershead x

  74. Ambreen kamran says:

    Waooooo its brilliant.

  75. latjon says:

    It was lovely seeing all my teachers and school
    I am missing everyone

  76. Alexandra says:

    This made me cry! I miss you all so much! ❤❤

  77. Buddy's fan says:

    That very nice I love it and happy birthday buddy

    1. Miriam Suleman says:

      Congratulations Mrs Maskery. We loved the video and I can not wait to come to school again and see everybody ❤️ Happy Birthday to Buddy. Mishaal Yr 4Ma

      1. Mrs Maskery says:

        Thank you very much! And thank you for Sienna’s lovely presents Mishaal – sorry I couldn’t say thank you in person.

        Love this video. I keep re-watching it. Missing all of the children and staff greatly! Stay safe everyone. Hope to see you all soon! 🙂

  78. Mrs Moseley says:

    What lovely comments, I am missing all the children, staff and families and hope you are all staying safe. keep smiling, see you soon Mrs Moseley

  79. amebrz says:

    This made us smile

  80. Saffy says:

    What a amazing video! We miss you all so much how lucky are we to have such wonderful teachers and staff !

    Hope to see you soon!

    The khans! X

  81. Mohadesa says:

    That made me so happy! I watch this everyday to make me smile. See you all soon!

  82. marshi says:

    great video!thanks for sharing it with us!!!

    1. marshi says:

      love it so much !!! thx!!!!

  83. aliimr says:

    This is a great video and thank you to all the teachers for making this for us.

  84. Hirah says:

    Thank you to all the staff and the pets I miss you all to hopefully I will see you soon x from Hirah

  85. Rabeya says:

    Fantastic video

  86. Hateem Zafar says:

    Fantastic video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. amebrz says:


  88. amebrz says:

    this is very nice

  89. amebrz says:

    thank you all

  90. amebrz says:

    🙂 im the 100th commenter

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