Time for a fab Friday!

The weather forecast might predict rain, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a fabulous Friday! Let’s start with a boogie!

The first activity on your timetable this morning is peer massage. The link below has some great stories that use massage strokes, so why not have a go.


Next I want you to warm up your fingers (video link below) and practice your handwriting. I want you to write today’s date, Friday 1st May 2020, 10 times in your neatest cursive writing.


For today’s maths challenge I would like you to practice using written methods to add and subtract.

For today’s writing challenge I am going to challenge you to use lots of exciting vocabulary. I would like you to write a paragraph or two about the picture below, but your challenge is to use every one of the key words. Remember to use capital letters and full stops to punctuate sentences. Here is a song to remind you when to use them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjvfcS3K7zM

For this week’s wellbeing activity I want us to think about the word gratitude. Gratitude means to be thankful and to show appreciation for the brilliant people you have in your life. Here is Kid President’s list of reasons to be thankful. I want you to make your own list of 10 things you’re thankful for. It doesn’t have to be a written list, you could draw it or you could film it- it is up to you.

This afternoon I want you to do a P.E session with Joe Wicks! Do you think you could come up with your own exercise routine? Maybe you could create one and add music!

Well done Year 3 for another fabulous week of home learning. Myself and Miss Kershaw love hearing from you and seeing pictures of your activities so remember to send them to year3@bowkervale.manchester.sch.uk

We are really proud of you all!

Miss Smith and Mrs Kershaw

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