One of today’s activities is to find and make patterns in your home. Here are some patterns I’ve made this morning. Can you spot what comes next? What can you make patterns with in your home?

Well done Roshni, these patterns are great! Could you make a pattern with 3 or 4 different things now?

Well done Roshni you have succeeded with my challenge!

Patterns from Amelia too! Well done.


Find the Phase 4

Good Morning Year 1!

We are really enjoying seeing and hearing all about your fantastic home learning on the blog and the class email. Thank you for being so enthusiastic about it, your work looks great and it looks like you are having lots of fun! If you would like to share your photographs of your learning then send them to

Today’s Challenge

Can you use your Phase 4 sound mat, in your home learning packs, to find phase 4 letter blends in words. Use your reading book or a book you enjoy reading at home to skim and scan the words to find the blends. If you like, you can write a list of words that you find with different letter blends like, ‘st’ for star, ‘fl’ for flag, ‘gr’ for Grandad and ‘nd’ for hand and sand.

You can also find this sound mat and other Phase 4 activities on Twinkle
at and use the free access code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

For more Phase 4 phonics activities including videos and games you could go to Espresso Education.

These are the login details for Espresso:

Username: student22040 Password: espresso

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Zebra’s home learning

Here are some more pictures of your fabulous home learning. Keep up the hard work! Don’t forget to send me your photos. or

You’ve been busy practising tricky words, making rainbows and dens and creating fantastic signs of spring posters. Well done!!


Tuesday Challenges

Good Morning SSC class!

Look what we found yesterday in the forest.

Deer prints, how amazing is that?

Challenge time

How many things can you think of which are in Blackley Forest?

Can you name one thing for each letter of the alphabet?

A – ants

B – beetles

How many can you think of?

Let the SSC team know by emailing us at

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Who inspires you?


Science, Computing and Engineering, Live 10am

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This week’s link:
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Year 2 Have a Terrific Tuesday!

We hope you are continuing to enjoy your home learning adventure? Miss Clark and I love seeing your home learning, so keep sending in your fantastic home learning to

You have another busy day ahead! Your maths task is to see how many different ways you can represent the number 45. Here is an example with the number 10.

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Science in the afternoon, can you go on a material hunt and find the softest and hardest material in your home? Can you use scientific vocabulary to identify other materials. This link might help you to remember some of the scientific vocab we have used in school Finally, your task is to make puppets and put on a show! Can you perform for your family? Enjoy and most importantly have fun!


Science, Computing and Engineering 10 am Live.

This week’s link:

Description: Did you know you can make art using Skittles, M&Ms or Smarties?! Well let me show you how! In this investigation we’re going to explore how to make rainbow-like patterns using our sweets. We’re then going to ask some scientific questions and explore what we observe.

Note – An accompany resource sheet will be available to download with this session on Wednesday from this page.

Thanks to @GreatSciShare and @SpringLearns for developing this resource. 

Resources required: One small bag of coloured sweets such as M&Ms, Skittles or Smarties (other brands may work well – please investigate and let us know!)
A deep plate/saucer
2 cups of water (cold and warm)
Age: ​KS 1 and KS 2

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Target – 345


Good morning!

Good morning everybody! We have another great day of home learning in store brought to you by our brand new time table. Mr Sunderland has posted this on the blog for you to have a look at. Complete as many activities as you can and then send examples of your work to

Today we start by reading out loud to somebody. Then your challenge is to write a bucket list. A bucket list contains things that you really want to do in your life. Diving with whales? Going to see the northern lights? Sky diving?? There’s lot of adventures to be had – which ones do you want to go on?

After lunch one of your tasks is to create your own board game. Will this website help you?

Have a great day everyone!