Year 2 Have a Terrific Tuesday!

We hope you are continuing to enjoy your home learning adventure? Miss Clark and I love seeing your home learning, so keep sending in your fantastic home learning to

You have another busy day ahead! Your maths task is to see how many different ways you can represent the number 45. Here is an example with the number 10.

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Science in the afternoon, can you go on a material hunt and find the softest and hardest material in your home? Can you use scientific vocabulary to identify other materials. This link might help you to remember some of the scientific vocab we have used in school Finally, your task is to make puppets and put on a show! Can you perform for your family? Enjoy and most importantly have fun!


  1. Isaac says:

    Isaac is having a lot of fun doing all his maths work! He loved finding different ways to make 45 and has also enjoyed a dance class with his stageschool this morning! He finished the morning off challenging himself to find all the different words in his countdown session. Some of his letters were A P C E R T can you find any words with those Mrs Moseley?
    Looking forward to his science hunt and puppet show this afternoon
    Hope you’re well Mrs Moseley & Miss Stringer! X

  2. Heero says:

    The clock is showing ten to 12, isn’t it? 🙂 Working with Fae on the representations of 45. This is definitely a fun exercise!

    1. Mrs Moseley says:

      Great spot! Keep enjoying your home learning Fae!

  3. missstringerbvps says:

    Hello Isaac It is so nice to see that you are busy with your Maths. We would love to see some photos off you enjoying your dancing with stage school. Can you send us some ?
    Hope you enjoy your puppet show, I wonder what puppet you have made ?
    Hope you are keeping safe and busy with your work. X

  4. Mrs Moseley says:

    It sounds like you have had lots of fun Isaac! How many words did you find? So far I have managed to find 2 four letter words and 1 five, but as yet have not found a six letter word. Enjoy your afternoon learning!

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