Rainbow art

Well done to Reyhan, Glen and Jairaj for creating these wonderful rainbow collages to spread happiness and positivity! They instantly cheered me up and brought a huge smile to my face when I saw them.

Miss Smith


  1. Glen's Mum says:

    Thank you for posting Glen’s picture on the blog He spent ages on it and really enjoyed doing it.

    1. bvpsmisssmith says:

      Well it was worth every minute, it is wonderful! Well done Glen!

  2. missstringerbvps says:

    These are beautiful. Well done

  3. bvpsmrsabutt says:

    Well done to the year 3 children. These rainbow collages are beautiful and certainly bought a smile to my face. well done!

  4. misshamerbvps says:

    Beautiful rainbows year 3. Well done.

  5. mrmyatt says:

    These are ace!

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