One of today’s activities is to find and make patterns in your home. Here are some patterns I’ve made this morning. Can you spot what comes next? What can you make patterns with in your home?

Well done Roshni, these patterns are great! Could you make a pattern with 3 or 4 different things now?

Well done Roshni you have succeeded with my challenge!

Patterns from Amelia too! Well done.


  1. Roshni says:

    Hi Miss Carling it’s me Roshni I have been enjoying my home learning and following my timetable he are some pictures what I have been doing.

  2. Miss Carling says:

    Well done Roshni, can you email your photos to then I can see them and put them on the blog. Thanks, Miss Carling

  3. misshamerbvps says:

    Well done Roshni. Great patterns.

  4. missgrogan says:

    Well done Roshni and Amelia your patterns are fantastic.

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