Hello Year 6

Hello everybody, hope you’re all keeping safe and well.
I have really enjoyed reading your comments on the blog and seeing how well you’re doing with the challenges.

Just before we finished, I told a few of you that I had bought a jigsaw and set myself a challenge. How quickly could I finish a 1000 piece jigsaw? I thought it was going to be easy, but I was wrong! Last week I really got stuck into it and used some of my learning powers. I am very happy to report that it is now finished.
Let me know what you have been up to and share something that you are proud of. Take care

Mrs Thelwell


  1. Miss Dunleavy says:

    Well done Mrs Thelwell. It looks great!

  2. mrsthelwell says:

    Thank you!

  3. Miss Webb says:

    Excellent work Mrs. T!

  4. mrmyatt says:

    I’m speechless! I’m less of speech! I love this Mrs T

  5. Mrs Pendleton says:

    I love it! Well done Mrs T.

  6. missallely says:

    Wow! Well done Mrs Thelwell. Very impressed.

  7. mrsthelwell says:

    Thank you everyone xx

  8. aderei says:

    WOW! That is incredible!
    Well done Mrs Thelwell !
    We are all very proud of you!

  9. mrsthelwell says:

    Thank you Adele.
    Hope you’re keeping busy. Maybe you could be creative and make some more of the friendship bracelets you like to make.
    Thank care
    Mrs T xx

  10. Mrs Stubbs says:

    This is AMAZING. Well done Mrs Thelwell!

  11. Alexandra says:


  12. mrsthelwell says:

    Thank you. I’m on for my next one now xx

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