1. mr myatt says:

    Oooh I love these!! I’ve made a few words but can I challenge anyone to find the BIGGEST word?

    I think the biggest word you can make is CAMPED. Can anyone find bigger?

    1. Mrs Pendleton says:

      Hi Mr M
      I can top that by a letter.
      gauped…yes I checked it 🙂

      1. bavsin says:

        I have lots of letters mudcap,camped,decamp,mudcat,lumped,lamped,acetum[vinigar,guam,

  2. Mrs Jacques says:

    Can I have made-up?
    Is a hyphen allowed? Does it make my word bigger?

    1. Miss Dunleavy says:

      Sorry Mrs Jacques – they need to be real words (ha ha).
      What do we think year six… should we include the hyphen in the letter total?

      1. avawil says:

        Yes. I think so.

        1. Mrs Pendleton says:

          Oooh you are being too kind. A hyphen is punctuation and not a letter.
          From the Grammar Police

      2. bvsameer says:


  3. avawil says:

    I have found some words: damp, cut, tug, pug, cat, mat, pat, put, mug, dug, tap, cap, map, mad, gap. I think I will stop there and hope that I have left some for others to find.

    1. Miss Dunleavy says:

      Thank you – that’s very thoughtful of you.

  4. aderei says:

    Hi! I have found cat,mat,pat,eat,meat,pug,tug,ate,mad and pea. There probably is some more words,but I’ll let other people figure out the rest!

    1. Miss Dunleavy says:

      Well done ‘aderei’.

      1. aderei says:

        Thanks Miss Dunleavy!
        I tried my best!

  5. marrah says:

    I have found some words too.Tea,made,pet,get,team,dam,pea,game,me,meat,met,cut.

    1. Miss Dunleavy says:

      Great ‘marrah’.

  6. marrah says:

    I have found some words too. Tea,made,pet,get,team,dam,pea,game,me,meat,met,cut and camp.I also found peace but I don’t know if we can use double letters.

  7. bvMaryam says:

    The longest word I can make is gamed.

    1. Miss Dunleavy says:

      Well done.

  8. bavsin says:

    I have lots of letters mudcap,camped,decamp,mudcat,lumped,lamped,acetum[vinigar,guam,

  9. Priya says:

    Good afternoon Miss Dunleavy. On the fraction,decimal and percentage booklet did you give us he answers so we can mark the practice question thanks.

    1. Miss Dunleavy says:

      We haven’t given you the answers yet as it is on the timetable to do more from the booklet next Wednesday.
      I can post the answers after that for you.
      Have a good weekend.

  10. sabahm says:

    The words I thinked of were cat , mat , pat , eat , mud , cap , camped , camp , tea , cup, teacup , lamp , lump , pet , get,met , tug , dug , me , meat , game , made , pea , team , dam and gamed . Thats all I could think of .

    1. Miss Dunleavy says:


  11. jagsin says:

    I can find;dug,cat,damp,pug,met,camp,camped,tug,peg,dump,put,cut,mud,tea,teacup,update and date.

  12. linelm says:

    Cat,mad,camped,damp,gut,meat,pug and dug.

  13. mardid says:

    I could only find ; Map,Dug,Pat,Cat,Put,Met,Cap,Tea,Meat,Ate,Pea,Pug,Cut,Cup

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