Year 2 Wow Wednesday

Good morning Year 2, we hope you are continuing to enjoy your home learning timetable? Why not leave a message on the blog and let us know what you have enjoyed doing so far! Today is another busy day, why not start with Joe Wicks (9 am) and his morning PE session? After that, try ‘Times Table Rockstars’ Practise your 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 3’s. Can you beat your score each time? In the afternoon, you have been asked to research a famous person. Think about the people we have been learning about in school during our topic ‘Extreme explorers’. This link may help you Then write a report on your chosen person. Remember to use your Year 2 writing targets. These video clips will remind you of what you need to include

Finally, sit back relax and watch a movie, but pay attention because tomorrow you will write a review of your chosen movie. Don’t forget to leave a message on the blog, we would love to hear about your amazing learning! Enjoy!


  1. Victoria chauhan says:

    Good morning. mrs Mosley miss you very much !!!xxx and Mrs stringer xxx
    Doing joe wick s pe .i like doing art at home because I made a robot girl yay !!! Have a nice day

    1. Mrs Moseley says:

      Good morning, great to hear you are keeping busy. I too am starting the day with Joe Wicks PE sessions. Have you tried the Science, Computing and Engineering sessions, every day at 10am? Check out the link on the Science blog, I have no doubt you would love the activities. Keep blogging and enjoy the sunshine.

      1. Miss Stringer says:

        Good morning, I hope you and your family are all well. I am missing you all ! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and getting out in the garden.
        How is your home schooling coming along ? x

      2. Sophie zafar says:

        Ohh – this was also happening with Hateem too- he was only able to do the 10x tables- we will sure try this tomorrow and hopefully be able to do the other times tables. Thank you for your help miss Mosley. I hope all the year 2 teacher are keeping well.

        1. Mrs Moseley says:

          I am sorry you are having trouble with Times Table Rockstars, try Top Marks, hit the button. You can select times tables, here is the link, I hope you enjoy it!

        2. Miss Clark says:

          Hi, I’m glad to hear that Hateem is busy with his home learning.
          I’m not sure why the problem with TTRS is occurring. I will try my best to solve this issue, but until then keep practising using Mrs Moseley’s link.
          Have a great day! From Miss Clark

  2. Hana says:

    Hi I can’t get to do the 2s 3s 5s timetable
    N MN y child is in year 2 but the rockstars is just stuck on 10 times table can anyone help please

    1. Mrs Moseley says:

      On the home screen choose the times tables you want to work on. You do this by clicking on the number, it should turn blue. If 10 is already blue, click it again and this will change to white, you have now deselected the 10x tables. You can now select the times tables you want to work on. I hope this helps.

      1. Hana baig says:

        Hi it’s not letting me deselect the 10x or 11x tables
        And won’t let me select any other tables

        Hana baig 2C

        1. Mrs Moseley says:

          I am sorry you are having trouble with Times Tables Rockstars. If this continues you could try Top Marks, hit the button. Select times tables, it is just as much fun! Here is the link
          I hope this helps!

        2. Miss Clark says:

          Hi Hana! I’m glad to hear that you are completing your home learning tasks. Well done!
          Sorry to hear that you are having problems with TTRS. I’m working on resolving this, but until then I hope that you enjoy the link that Mrs Moseley has sent you.
          Have a lovely day. From Miss Clark

      2. Sophie zafar says:

        This was also happening with Hateem- he can’t unselect the 10x tables and select any other- but he is now having a go on top marks and abacus maths..

  3. Bentley says:

    Hi Mrs Moseley and Miss Stringer. I did Kids Yoga this morning with my brother and done some running outside. I tried to log onto rockstars but couldn’t remember my login details so I did some adding and taking away. Just having my dinner and I will do my famous person writing. I am doing John Cena

  4. Mrs Moseley says:

    Great to hear you are busy with your learning! I look forward to hearing all about John Cena. Your Times Tables Rockstar log in details are in your red homework book. If you can’t find it, let me know and I will find it for you. Keep up the hard work and don’t try any John Cena wrestling moves on your little brother!

    1. Bentley says:

      I didnt bring my red homework book home Mrs Moseley

  5. Bentley says:

    I didn’t bring my red book home Mrs Moseley

  6. Miss Stringer says:

    Hello Bentley it is so nice to hear from you. I am glad that you are keeping busy and working hard. Well done !

  7. Hana b says:

    Hi just tried to sort out the rockstars tables but it’s still stuck so I googled how to change it but still no change hanas tables don’t say teachers setup please if possible can you fix this and check why hers are stuck thankyou
    Hana baig year 2c mrs Clark’s

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