If you could be an animal…

Good morning Year 3,

Here is a question you can discuss with your family. If you would like to discuss with your friends or teachers, then leave a comment below.

If you could be any animal, which animal would you be and why?

We can’t wait to hear your answers. We hope you’re having a fabulous day.

Miss Smith and Mrs Kershaw


  1. Umaiza Iqbal says:

    I would be a humming bird because it doesn’t have claws (feet) so how does it land so if I was a humming bird I would know . Also they are cute and beautiful.

    1. bvpsmisssmith says:

      What a fantastic answer! They are a very beautiful animal, plus you could fly to so many new places.
      Miss Smith

    2. Sabion ari says:

      I would be a Jaguar becouse is very strong.

      1. bvpsmisssmith says:

        Good choice Sabion! Did you know that jaguars are also excellent swimmers?

  2. Mrs Kershaw says:

    What a great answer Umaiza! I think that I would be a puppy as they get lots of love and attention from their owner.

  3. Ismail awan says:

    I would be a cheetah so I can beat everyone in a race

    1. bvpsmisssmith says:

      If you were a cheetah, you would definitely beat me in a race. I would love to be an elephant, they seem very peaceful and they are known for being wise.

      Miss Smith

  4. bvjessica says:

    A cheater because they can run really fast

    1. bvpsmisssmith says:

      That is true. Cheetahs can run extrememly fast. According to this website they can run at a top speed of around 69 to 75mph! Amazing!

  5. Mrs Griffin says:

    I think I would be a cat! My cats certainly have a great time sleeping in the sunshine, playing with my children, having night time adventures and curling up with me on the sofa.

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