News Blog 28.02.20

Welcome back this week after our half term holiday. You will be receiving your child’s mid-year report today (with the exception of Yr6 who will receive them next week.).

Please do make a note of our next Family Learning Reviews when you will be able to discuss any questions you might have (some of these dates have changed since the last blog);

Years 2, 5 and 6 – Monday 23rd March from 1.15pm – 5.30pm

Class 4Ma will be Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th March 1pm – 4pm

Years 1, 4M and 3 – Wednesday 25th March from 1.15pm – 5.30pm

We are looking forward to welcoming Yr6 back from their PGL adventure later today – have you looked on the blog at their amazing photos? We’re proud of what they have achieved this week!

Dates for your Diaries…..

Tues 3rd March – Year 5 to Forest

Thurs 5th March – World Book Day – dress up as a book character!

Wk beg 9th March – Clubs begin

20th March – Mrs Maskery says goodbye to start her maternity leave

Learning Reviews

Class 4Ma will be Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th March 1pm – 4pm

Mon 23rd March – Yrs 2, 5, 6  – 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Wed 25th March – Yrs 1, 3 and 4M – 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Mon 23rd March – Eggs for hatching delivered

Fri 3rd April – Easter Raffle and school closes for Easter

Mon 20th April – school reopens

Fri 22nd May – school closes for half term

Mon 1st June – school reopens

Fri 17th July – school closes at 1.30pm for the Summer holidays

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  1. Abdul Elmasri says:

    Hello! Its me, Abdul from the year 6W Class from 2017. I hope you and everyone else is doing great and the Year 6’s are revising for their SAT’s.
    Year 7, 8 and 9 has been a wild adventure and i miss all of the staff who works there (I hope you guys are doing great too!)

    I would like to give some advice for the Year 6s who are nearly about to do their SATs..Please don’t rush when revising, take your time and you will be able to learn more. Make sure to always listen to your teacher! Every Second Counts.

    I hope you all have a fantastic year!

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