PGL Day Two Part Two

What a good afternoon we have had! Archery followed by another climbing activity (All Aboard). The children are now dancing the night away at the disco.


  1. Katherine McTernan says:

    Aww looks like they all had a great day ❤️ Missing my boy so much!

  2. Erum says:

    Missing Hasnat too much …. hope he is enjoying and having great fun with his friends … ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Mrs Jacques says:

    The weather looks great and looks like you’re having lots of fun. So glad you got pancakes too on Shrove Tuesday!

  4. Mickala says:

    Looks so much fun! And those pancakes wow lol ( I want one ) missing sky but hope she’s having the most amazing time!!

  5. Sarah Fallon says:

    Looks like they are having a fantastic time!
    Issy will be so pleased they’ve had pancakes

  6. linelm says:

    Wow you guys look like ur having fun like us!!

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