PGL Day Two Part One

After a great breakfast, we had two more fun activities this morning the giant swing and survivor. We’ve just finished lunch. Some of the children are taking a well earned rest in their rooms whilst others are playing football outside.


  1. Mickala says:

    Aww, it looks like your all having an amazing time!

  2. Mrs Jacques says:

    Glad to see that blue sky there! Looks like you are having a brilliant time!

  3. Mrs Griffin says:

    Wow look at that lovely blue sky! You look very brave on the high swing.

  4. linelm says:

    Aw I wish I was there nowwww. have fun

  5. Ms Dobson says:

    Oh no the giant swing I was so scared when I went on that with Mrs Burley I wouldn’t open my eyes! hope you all enjoyed it. The weather looks great.hope you enjoy your last day tomorrow.

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