Co-op Band and Choir

Key stage two were wowed this afternoon when the Co-operative Academy of Manchester’s band and choir came to perform for us. If we weren’t already in the Christmas spirit, we certainly are now.

Thank you to the Co-operative for your amazing performance.


  1. bvilham says:

    It was an amazing performance.
    The choir was outstanding when they sang without a backing track.

  2. bvkainat says:

    I loved their singing it was impeccable! They were all very talented when they played their instruments as well!
    It was a wonderful experience.

  3. bvsameer says:


  4. bvjustin says:

    They were amazing.

  5. bveshan says:

    Wow I liked it so much. I thought I was watching television!

  6. bvjessica says:

    That show was…..SPECTACULAR!!!

  7. aliimr says:

    I was awe-struck.I had a feeling that I was watching a proffesional band and singers. I was just amazed.

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