Blogging Challenge!

Our Digital Leaders challenge you to describe this image. You can complete this challenge however you like. You could write a setting description, tell a short story, or even create your own poem. It is completely up to you. Post your entry as a comment underneath this post and the Digital Leaders will select the winner soon. Good luck!


  1. anaimr says:

    Calm,enchanted,fairy-like,the sky dazzled before my eyes. Floating, the oddly shaped earth pieces levitated in the peaceful sky. The flowers swayed as the gentile breeze passed. A golden glow shone upon the stones. A secret pathway led to an unknown place…

    1. Mrs Jacques says:


      1. samahm says:

        I could see a mysterious wind flowing through me as I walked on the purple smooth stone.I could hear birds twitting as sweet as a new born baby.As I carried on walking I could see an enchanted fairy island in the distance.
        I could see the sun set rising as I walked slowly.
        Would this be my dream home….

  2. bvaliza1 says:

    This was all a fantasy. I could see the sun peeking through the distance gently shining on my skin.I breathed in deeply filling my lungs with fresh air. Numerous flowers surrounded me made my experience more beautiful than ever. I sat on the ground and scanned my surroundings. I appreciated nature and closed my eyes waiting to return to normality.

  3. Mrs Jacques says:

    What could you hear?

  4. ilhkam says:

    Magical island:



    G-gather round

    I- in circles…

    C-calling from far..far…away
    even in England,if you are really quite,you may hear them calling

    L-laughing and talking till the end…silence…awaits them

  5. amekay says:

    Slowly, I crept along the pathway. My heart missing a beat. I heard a legend that a golden statue hid among the mountains. I never dreamt of leaving my home to find this statue but this is my destiny… to find the missing golden statue. Dashing past some tigers, I ran past the enchanted lake. All the animals seemed different. Parrots were lime colours and a deer pranced around a tree. My home was in a little city close to a forest which held a magic book that nobody dared to find. A few seconds later, I find myself inside of a cave covered with mud and what seemed to be insects. I darted to the back of the cave to see what was inside. Suddenly, pictures of the old times started to pop in my mind. My father told me in the past magic was used for good until Merlin (a wizard known for magic spells) destroyed the city using magic. He destroyed all of mankind and their homes until he was the only human on earth. Suddenly, a huge boulder rolls towards me. Panicking, I run left and right dodging the rocks before me.” Amelia” shouts a voice at the end of the cave “run as fast as you can then unlock the door to life”. Finally , I reached the end of the cave and plummeted towards the enchanted lake feeling scared and confused. Who was the voice and what was the door to life . That and lots more of questions raced around my mind. During the afternoon, I let my clothes dry on a rope and got ready to eat dinner – soup like always. Then I got ready for bed. In the morning, I woke up got dressed and got ready to start my adventure again. Passing the enchanted lake, I sluggishly walked near the cave and began to search the outside. Climbing, I reached the top and lay still on my back. Then in front of my eyes lay the golden statue. Stepping carefully, I tiptoed towards the statue and got ready to replace it with a bag of salty salt. Quickly, I replaced it and ran towards my boat and began to row. To my surprise, nothing happened and I got to return safely home.

  6. linelm says:

    Floating island in middle of nowhere….
    Green,fluffy spikey grass sitting on there.
    A giant,rocky,old castle on top of the island.
    There’s a red,ruby,old flag pointing to the top.
    In front of picture there a purple,sapphire
    Lavender sent of flowers.That scary attracting
    bridge,it looks like a challenge going through the
    air.If you looked down it looked like if you would fall down.

  7. bvjessica says:

    A lovely mystical island that flies across the sky nobody has ever seen it because it flies beyond our world.

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